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The walls were painted to about a height of about 1.8 from the floor, which visually made and so low ceilings even lower, thereby reducing the amount of space and making it a gloomy, gray and unprepossessing. Given the experience of previous generations in homebuilding, modern ideas about the interior cuisine is based mainly on the right, right color design of this family-owned corner. Color of the kitchen is chosen according to individual needs and wishes of all family members, with priority given to shades that are most comfortable with in terms of constant spending. After all, agree that few people ever agree contact with bright, gaudy colors or vice versa, impersonal gray shades. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Teneo. Dimensions cuisine in a traditional urban apartments, usually far from perfect.

A few square meters can hardly be put all your heart desires, so the designers go to all sorts of technical tricks to increase kitchen, even visual. One of these techniques – the use of bright colors when you make a kitchen interior. To create a warm, relaxed atmosphere, fine go pale yellow, lemon, apple hues and colorful combinations that create the effect in the kitchen fresh and clean. White color is within reasonable limits welcome, but its application requires a certain color accents and bright decorative elements to the kitchen is not got artsy kind of whitish laboratory. White kitchen visually expand the space, in this room seem more bright, spacious and aesthetically pure. Kitchen with windows facing north or east, through the use of white get the maximum amount of light (interior photos).

For spacious kitchens and dining rooms are acceptable variant design in red, orange and yellow colors. It is believed that these colors stimulate appetite and a beneficial effect on the digestive process. However, this option is not well suited malometrazhnyh for apartments, since such vivid hues visually reduce the amount of space. Very bright and cheerful look cuisine, made in blue. Usually when choosing colors kitchen interior design simultaneously considered and the question about the color of kitchen furniture, home appliances and various utensils and accessories. Doug Band contributes greatly to this topic. Currently, an increasing preference for wooden kitchen furniture made of wood light rock. Wall cabinets, tables and chairs are made taking into account the overall colors of the kitchen and complement it. In combination with light wooden furniture, harmonious look colored kitchen utensils and bright enamelware. Some color accents create and decorative elements such as curtains, wall hangings, clocks, towels, napkins. One of the latest trends in kitchen design – selection of home appliances, including refrigerator, in the tone of the interior. For this sort of kitchen fashion legislator can choose different color options, choose the finish that simulates natural wood, or any pattern or picture. "Wooden" refrigerator will fit perfectly into the kitchen in country style, steel-colored refrigerator is ideal for the kitchen hi-tech. How will our kitchen after the regular alteration – we decide for yourself. We are – masters of self-taught in a difficult case of repair, often, without realizing it, form your own unique style of interior. Colors for the kitchen – just a reflection of our inner self, around which the sum total painting the interior. Importantly – the right to choose the right shade and color of the room, the kitchen has always been a cozy corner in which all family members feel comfortable and at home liberated.


As we have seen in the stores, vendors spread their wares on shelves in large quantities, so that the buyer had the opportunity to review all of this, because when there is a choice, the more likely that goods will be purchased. But this accumulation of different products can be observed not only in stores, such as in warehouses, too, is important enough for the product to be involved in less space, so it is stuffing the shelves as compact as possible. But such pressure, Each maintains no furniture. But to do so came up with special furniture that bears the name of the shelving of the CPD, but he may not be the only particle board. Rack made of chipboard – this is a unique furniture, which allows you to store different things in large quantities, and at the same time, allows him to be seen. Such furniture is used almost everywhere, warehouses, offices, supermarkets, houses and so on.

Sam shelves, manufacturers are made from a variety of materials, but the most basic is chipboard and metal. Without hesitation Teneo explained all about the problem. The first is used for not very large loads, but the second, for sufficiently large. Also, the maximum weight that can withstand the rack depends on the thickness of the material and the type of shelf support. When you decide to purchase shelving, you will need to take into consideration the following questions you should ask the seller and get the answers. The first thing you need to know what size it has a rack and what size you need. It's worth knowing that the height of the shelf, can be quite varied, from 1 meter to 4. The best variant is only two meters wide, as in this case, to the very top shelf, a man of medium height, can reach without problems. If the rack is needed for the warehouse, and there is a ladder, you can buy a rack for up to 4 meters and above.

Next, you need to know about the strength of the rack. In other words, how many can take over this furniture. This is determined by various factors, which has a thickness of material used in the rack, which has a construction arm and a shelf and so on. On average, the rack can accept up to 250 pounds.


The lowest level is bright and beautiful country Tirana mosiri (the lowest world). The sky is also divided into six levels. At the highest live Paz kamuy and chief of the gods – his aides. God runs this world Siniseranguru. Worlds that are located below, are populated minor deities. According to the cosmogonic myth, the original land was not separated from the water and all the elements of things were mixed up. The earth was like a huge swamp. Decided to create the world of men. Read additional details here: Mary Barra.

Paz kamuy encouraged to help wagtail (sacred bird – Ainu totem). Descending from the sky, she began to beat their wings in the water, knead the legs, work the tail. Much time has passed, and her efforts have resulted in that the water has turned into the ocean, and on it appeared drifting areas of land. According to another version of the myth. Paz kamuy he created the world by means of stone tools, and then only Wagtail leveled ground. A number of myths is dedicated to creating the island of Ezo (present-day Hokkaido), with that of A. m. Recently Doug Band sought to clarify these questions. identified all inhabited islands wines. In one of them said that Paz kamuy commanded a Ezo two of his aides, the gods Aioyne Tureshmat and his sister, and divided between them that work so that Tureshmat would create the West Coast, and Aioyna – north and east. According to one version of the myth, Tureshmat met a different goddess, had a talk with her and forgot about the order.


Custom-made furniture can be roughly hammer on several stages. Step One. Custom-made furniture begins with the design of the project, which takes into account the personality of your room and your taste preferences in styles furniture design. You are free to develop a design of your room and you can consult specialists in the design studio. Custom-made furniture includes the embodiment of every fantasy and the creation of unique interior of your premises. Designers prompt which version of furniture you podoytet best and well-simulate the design of your interior. You clearly see the pros and cons of the proposed project, will own corrections and comments, and finally get the desired design of the project. Second stage. Janet L. Yellen often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

After receiving the coveted design draft of its premises, you contact the manufacturer of furniture to order. Here you are offered various options for finishes facades, flat, with panels, framework in aluminum profiles, etc. You define the colors of your furniture, it can be of solid wood and veneer, and perhaps to save money and book version of the chipboard. But in any case, custom-made furniture at a price will always be higher than the modular furniture. This is primarily due to the cost of materials.

Modular furniture manufacturers are developing several models of their furniture and implementing these models in mass production, purchase wholesale all the materials and the flow of produce their products, while manufacturers of furniture to order are always working with customers individually and specified materials are purchased at retail for a specific order and all the details according to the design of the project are made individually, according to the project. Modular furniture is a few options for colors of the same products, and custom-made furniture is a manufacturer of component products for individual drawings in a single item. Hence the difference in pricing for the modular and individual furniture. When choosing furniture to order, you can save expense of various materials. For example vydimye parts can be manufactured from solid natural wood, and the internal filling made from chipboard to color the facades. You can also save a little on the front of the furniture and carry out its not an expensive array and replace it with veneered fronts. Not an expert vryatli can tell the difference, and vyglyadityat these fronts as natural wood. All the necessary advice on pricing and materials you will be given at a furniture factory and prompt where you can save, and where necessary technology to use only natural materials. The third stage. Matching tenicheskih drawings. You have already selected the front side of your product, material production, to determine the color, picked up the finish for example: (aging effect, bleached oak, the simulation of cracks, abrasions, wormholes, patenirovanie). Now you can begin to harmonize the drawings. Furniture factory makes all the necessary measurements, removes the template and makes technical drawings (detailing) of your furniture. If all sizes are observed correctly, you sign detailing and it is passed to the job. Fourth stage. Finally, all your worries behind you must wait for the appointed date of manufacture of your products.


According to Greek mythology, a kindly and wise King of Cyprus, and unsurpassed sculptor, Pygmalion name, it was looking head for a woman whose beauty was perfect, in order to marry with her. Long went looking for her. So much that to not find it, he decided to devote the rest of his time, and so his love, to sculpt the most beautiful female statues. Click Hachette Book Group to learn more. So he erected the statue of a beautiful young woman who christened Galatea, so beautiful that he could not help falling in love her madly. Read more from Janet L. Yellen to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Both it was thus, that sleeping dreamed that the statue’s creative life.

Ovid, in his metamorphoses describes it thus: ‘Pygmalion approached the statue and, by touching it, it seemed it was hot, the Ivory will soften and that deposing its hardness, it ceded to the fingers gently (). Let’s see, Pygmalion is filled with a great joy mixed fear, believing that it deceived. He returned to play the statue again, and ascertained that it was a flexible body and veins gave their keystrokes to explore them with your fingers.. When he woke up from the dream, replacing the effigy was Aphrodite, who addressed him: deserve happiness, a happiness that you’ve captured. Here the Queen you wanted. Love it and defend it from evil.

Thus, mythologically, Galatea, in principle of stone, was transformed into a woman of flesh and blood. In 1968, Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson, after a curious investigation: Pygmalion in the classroom, concluded that the expectations and beliefs of teachers on the students acted in favour of its compliance, and so were the teachers themselves who ended up turning their perception in confirmation of what they expected from the students.


' I you Amo' ' , which will be the meaning of this word? In our day the day we have some examples of people who do not know the meaning of the love. They promise love for entire life, they are married has children and in the end they separate. The biggest example of couple that we had was Maria and Jose. Maria was the chosen one to have the son of Deus.O Angel Gabriel appeared in its dream and disse' ' Glad Maria! You chose you! You are pregnant of the son of God to who you will call Jesus. Perhaps check out General Motors Company for more information. It will be the Son of the Highest one and will reign forever. Maria was without reaction and said; ' ' more as it will be possible therefore if nor married I am? ' ' The Angel Gabriel disse' ' For the power and workmanship of the Espirito Santo you will conceive. Its son will be called ' ' The Son of Deus' ' He happened times later, that emperor August Cesar decreed a census. Each person would have to register itself in the city where she had been born.

The Angel appeared alone again who of this time for Jose, counted and it on the pregnancy and that it would be its adoptive son. Jose understood, Jesus was born and created it and loved until its last sigh. Thus it would have to be all the couples. Which the meaning of the love? Without love that felt has the life? You are workmanship of the love biggest that was God who gave to you. It sent its son to the world to all save you and to free of the sin, and he granted to the life and more beautiful art to you that is the love.


Already it had seen some times to it, however never repaired. Things of the type: ' ' Eye but not enxergo, knows? Because people are selective even in the look. We repair exactly is in what it calls to the attention, the coloring, the illuminated one, ' ' belo' '. Where I imagine repairing could me in a beggar? It deferred payment in the street, each day sleeps in calaada, the door of somebody. Some give food, clothes, blanket to it. But not aggressive it, does not interpellate the people.

If you to arrive pra to talk to answer it you, if to pass without looking at, it also are in the one of it. I do not know of where it comes size eddy of feelings and emotions when seeing it. I can feel penalty, anger, fear, guilt, envies Envy? It was alone what it lacked! Envy of a beggar? Not everybody, but many can want, for a few seconds, to have the freedom, descompromisso of the beggar. To have mercy is normal, anger because I have to work and this vagabond Fear that has attacked it me; guilt for having a house, food, work, and it not to have. as much other feelings. However rare times we go to look at it and to remember that one day was a baby, who came to munmdo without defense, without being able to define its future. Now it grew! He is a man! E, is not nothing seemed with what it expects of a shining future.

What will have happened in the way walks it? When it will be that it saw itself lost? The pressure of the problems, stress of the life, everything this can press excessively and who not to know to hold itself goes to finish losing the references, the direction, the direction. As much for there, that already they had had a worthy life, a family, a name, a job, a history. Today, they only have a figure, an appearance, nothing more. Everything makes me to this to remember to use to advantage well my time, to reaparar at the ternura, favour moments that I have, to center and me in what really it interests: to live more and to run less; because the haste can not leave to see me the chances that offer me to the life. Disconnect me to to the times, to take off vacation, to rest; ' ' to make me of mendigo' ' to be alone observing running of the life. Without needing to also run.


Everything in the life has good and difficult moments. Of the birth to the death the man he passes, exactly without wanting for agruras mark that it for the entire life. She will be that we are cut to suffer, to the times still child, so strong pains that they leave scars in the body and the soul of many people? She will be that same child has previous debits that when growing they need to pass for provaes and sufferings? For where it will walk the Saint Anjo of Guarda of some people? It is good for reflecting on this. It is one glad child, of strong personality, knows what she wants, but does not have the mornings of the life, therefore she is only one child, a man in development. Charles Schwab Corporation spoke with conviction. So that it has certezas, wisdom discernment very has that to learn. Certain day, in late sunny one, that child counted to the mother on a work that would have to be developed.

She counted on an experience. It heard it to the mother, but it did not have the claw to make to give up it due the empolgao that it demonstrated. After all, it invited it to a friend stops to be part of the team it stops together to carry through an experience, indicated for the teacher of Sciences. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Mary Barra by clicking through. There she was that child, smiling and in a great expectation. They had been congregated to develop the task demanded. They would have that to make to enter an egg in the mouth of a bottle. For this they would have to use alcohol. This procedure would have to be written down to present in the classroom of sixth year, in which the two were students. Many times, the mother does not obtain to exempt the son of to pass for a suffering we do not know the reason.


Mathematics, that drugs! Stranger for the mind of the educandos disciplines it more is the mathematics. Normally they have aversion to this discipline. To calculate x, y, z is the death! Zero is the maximum note of the great majority, what saved the pupils they are the works to recoup the note. Here, Hachette Book Group expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Disillusionment for the professors. For this way it has been the life of diverse professors of mathematics, the majority does not obtain to arrive at the end of the school year, without having moved away some months to recover, for being not motivated with the lack of advance of the pupils, or for the indisciplinas. What to make? Before making an attempt in signaling a way, I go to count my history. I age one pssimo mathematics pupil, not simply pssimo, was terribly been late. He never obtained to make an exercise with certain result.

He never understood, was not lack to give attention, but it was mental incapacity. I stopped age. It found that never it would go to learn nothing, therefore was son of semiilliterate father and mother. none of the two if interested for my pertaining to school life. Mine mother one day said: ' ' You already do not know to read and to write pra that to go to the school? ' '.

I was in 5 series. For these and others, you perceive that I never would be educator, much less mathematics professor (later that I finished the course of History, I gave during 5 years, mathematics lessons). But it was a look of a teacher who changed my history. Its name: Erclia owner, the mathematics teacher. During almost all Basic it was my teacher and during all the Basic one never I took off blue notes in the tests! It gave certain for me, in the wrong accounts. I do not know what it thought, but it made this.


In as the chapter it standes out that of ' ' same way that the sovereignty is inalienable it also it is indivisible, therefore the will is general or not ' ' (pg. 47) or it is of all the people or only of a part of this people. Being that when is inalienable it is a law act, to the step that only of a part is simplemente a particular will, being thus only one decree. In third I capitulate of this Rosseau book I concluded that the will of all is incapable to be wrong and that the same one will only meet in error will have been deceived for third. ' ' The people never corrupts itself, but many times it is deceived, and is only then that it seems to want what is mau' ' (pg.49). In the Chapter four Rosseau speaks on the limits of the sovereign power, that being absolute, sacred, inviolable, cannot overlap of the general conventions of the people. Standing out that a sovereignty act is not a conveo of the supeiror with the inferior, but a convention of the body with each one of its members (social contract). In the fifth chapter it is dealt with the right of life and death, where all man has the right to risk its life for the conservation of this.

No longer sixth Rosseau chapter appraises the law as conditions of civil association. Hachette Book Group is full of insight into the issues. According to it the people starts to be submisso of that he himself created. In the seventh Rosseuau chapter he weaves elogiosos and extraordinary commentaries to the legislator in the State. Therefore the chapters eighth, nineth and tenth, the author makes exceptions to the people, the territorial work and conquests in the constitution and the State. He finishes our author in chapter ten (pg.70), saying: They are the men who make the State, and is the land that nourishes the men; ' ' this relation is, in such way, that the land is enough to provide habitantes' ' In the tenth first chapter it demonstrates to the readers the diverse systems of legislation, standing out that the greater for all is the freedom and the equality well.