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Ih, I came back to the walked one of today, therefore taste in such a way of this and why not to make more? It has time. The craze to say that we do not have time for this, for that, you, for you, much less for we ourselves seems that it turned law, and of much effectiveness. Time we have, I repeat. I know that I cannot be here for much time, therefore nobody will be given to work to read something of this old sensitive one. Without problems, in the truth I write for me, my proper pleasure. Go to General Motors Company for more information. If he will have to some following me reader, not if he loses, me follow can, acknowledgment: I will have that to pass for many curves, I wait that it does not give up, therefore will be able to be repented. I speak of the curves that you with certainty also have for them much admiration. Taste very to cover them, to admire them, to have them as ownership, but the ones are as much that have right they.

It does not have skill. I am embromando of new, seems that I am wanting to run away from the pieguice that was my objective. If you would like to know more about Brent Nicklas, then click here. I am not piegas, I am flat! I heard this of one of the people who in me nothing affect, for two reasons: it is not obliged to read and for knowing that she does not have capacity to make critical literary. She is person who is far from the literary art. What it says a future counsel for indigents not matters me. I know that much people already understood the message.

Soon. I stop to roll. I will be piegas, obsolete, cafona, either what I go. Beyond ' ' The world is one moinho' ' taste very of ' ' they roll not falam' ' , ' ' Acontece' ' , all of the Cartola, to only cite musics of it.


Once taken the decision, comes the time to start the task. Get ready to begin the most exciting journey of your life. In the coming days and weeks you will have to take many decisions, almost all important and some hardly reversible. In this article we will talk about the legal form which will assume your new company. Though it sounds bombastic, actually it is not so bad. However, now, be wrong can cost much to rectify in the future.

There are three key factors to consider when choosing what kind of society are going to create. The most important is the issue of responsibility. From the beginning have to understand that the best idea in the hands of the most qualified, may not go well. A turn in the market, an unexpected innovation or a personal crisis can crash your new initiative (thank goodness I am so optimistic). If occurs, what would happen? Who would assume the responsibilities towards workers, creditors and customers? It is not an insignificant question. That is why there are the multiple legal forms to constitute a company. Second, you must consider the complexity of management. Every company is required to comply with public finance, social security and a host of bureaucratic paperwork constants.

Depending on the legal form that you choose a few obligations were major or minor. And finally, there may be significant fiscal factors affecting your decision. In Spain, each tax regime can be conditioned to the chosen legal form. The Individual entrepreneur is simpler and faster to (like putting your big toe in the pool) in the world of business is as an individual entrepreneur. This is sometimes referred to be autonomous. And as he says the word, these people are alone. Legally there is no separation between your business life and private life. Their goods are goods of the company equal to liabilities, responsibilities and revenues.


Minimum required distance between two facing jobs equals the distance that allows two people and provides easy handling with kitchen appliances. Cabinet for products used where next to the kitchen pantry no. Besides the classical type cabinets with shelves and doors are now turning increasingly being used in more modern types of food cabinets with pull-out containers and shelves. Food cupboards should have good ventilation, and the most modern of them even has a temperature control and built-in lighting lamps. Optimal conditions for labor creates a combination of work surfaces, you can work standing or sitting. Convenient operation costing provide jobs boards, located at 85 – 90 cm in any kitchen most space is required for placing furniture products, kitchen utensils and all sorts of devices. Cupboards and other items of modern kitchen furniture, usually coordinated modular, allowing different combine technical equipment kitchen. Thanks to the elaborate system of combining sets of sectional furniture suitable for both large and for small kitchens.

Dimensions and method of opening the lockers should be adapted to the size, shape and artistic concept kitchen. Large doors are impractical, because when you open takes up too much space. Along with classic lockers now appeared cabinets with roll-up or hinged doors especially suitable for use at the top of the kitchen area. Modern cabinets kits allow you to use any part of the space. Lack of containers for storage in a small kitchens can be partially offset by the back of the space between the upper and lower kitchen cabinets line.

Studies have shown that the working surface is practically used only in half or even one-third of its front part, the remaining area is used only on a case by case basis. Therefore, in the delimited back of the board can be arranged lockers for storage of spices, coffee makers and other kitchen appliances. Modern high-tech kitchen no longer do without a dishwasher located under the working board to the left of sink or separately installed near the kitchen line. Using a dishwasher saves not only time but also water and energy. In the vicinity of the washing center have waste containers or sorted organic and inorganic waste. In the modern kitchen lines such tanks are integrated with sink, forming a so-called musoropriemny Center kitchen. Waste coming from the working surface of the hole in the center of the washer, and then – to the appropriate collection of waste. Hole in the sink and the collection of organic waste have closing lids.


One does not argue soccer, soccer and religion. It has people that she makes question to say that does not argue politics, soccer and religion. The decision is sensible, therefore such subjects tend to create attritions, since nobody change of idea when it is about these subjects. How much to the politics and the religion the conversion can happen. No longer soccer is impossible.

The torcedor of the Athletical one never goes to dress the shirt of the cruise. I do not want to argue religion, but the names of some more recent creations. Another day said somebody me that it saw in an avenue of great city a plate: Church of the Strong Conjunct. It has advanced if it came across with the signboard: Church of the Conjunct Strongest. More the front it saw written: Church of the Conjunct Strongest Still. It is in the face that second is disagreement of the first one and the third one slices of second. In another city it had the Church of God. The fight between the brothers resulted in the foundation of the Independent Church of God.

My father-in-law rented the commercial point of front of its house for a church. In visit to the grandfathers of my children I perceived that the preacher was enthusiastic. The Shepherd said: Brothers! We go to place fire in the tail of molambo of the devil. I thought: Also he does not need to humiliate. With all the respect, he has some practical of you lead that not taste. Example: Brothers! He capsizes for the brother of the side and says: Love I you. On this day my mother-in-law was of the side. It was pure hypocrisy. Another day the controller augured: He says the brother of the left that God goes to give a better job to it. In the doubt I go to be with this same, until why I am thinking same I am retiring in me and not in working. The youngster converted into the church of my Reverendo brother-in-law Andres and was nailing in all the cult points. The problem that it not yet had lost all the slangs said in the profane world. It asked for to my brother-in-law to nail in the pulpit of the church. To try to convince the Reverendo it argued: He needs you to see. When I go up in the pulpit I I turn capeta pra to nail. It is the force I inhabit of it.


How to optimally prepare on an assessment Center Assessment Center (AC) are a widespread and popular staff selection procedures in large companies. While several participants are tested on one or even several days at the same time based on various tasks. The advantage of an assessment Center for the companies is that they can, see different facets of the applicant, and experience its behavior in practical situation themselves instead to get it just tells in an interview. Different tasks determine the assessment Center in an assessment centre can be divided roughly the exercises into two categories: individual and group tests. The individual tests are so individually tasks, where the candidate is independently tested by other candidates.

This can be for example a presentation on a given topic, or a post basket exercise must be prioritized in the a variety of tasks and information. Also include testing of analytical or logical skills, or skills to the individual tests. The group tests, however include interaction with other participants, or a supervisor of the ACs. The group discussion as well as the role-playing game belong to this type of task. In the group discussion must prevail participants with its position compared to the other AC the applicants and they convince with arguments. The difficulty is that the other participants are pursuing the same goal. In the role-playing game the applicant assumes the role of a supervisor or leading employee of the company, and must as a clarifying conversation with an employee lead, or negotiate with a customer. This involves also enforcement strength, but also empathy and communication skills.

Ideal preparation for an assessment Center through the multitude of tasks and the complexity of the assessment Center in the for many applicants, it is difficult to prepare yourself optimally. A comprehensive Assessmentcenter preparation requires that individual tasks as well as the important tasks of the groups will be trained. While easy exercise individual tasks the simulation of a group discussion is much more expensive. The assessment Center Academy offers a comprehensive training program for the optimal preparation for an assessment Center. All types of test are presented and describes what look for the observer in the assessment Center. There are tips on the solution of the tasks. For each type of task, there are exercises, candidates can test their skills and specifically for their recruitment exercise then. Tobias Meier Assessment Center Academy


We perceive that the professional of motivated success very develops its well independent work of its wage or therefore it does not know itself who what it plants it harvests, that is that a service developed with quality will be recognized and thus made who it will receive very well therefore now or more for the future, thus it will be collaborating for its proper career. People currently motivated remain more time in the organizations for having the easiness to work in today and very important team what and count this synergy between team very. As I cited above independent the wage a good professional has that to have motivation this does not want to say that they will have that to be submitted the precarious conditions of work I oppose for it, what counts very for this satisfaction is some benefits given for the company as; a good workstation, clean place of descano, bathrooms, places with luminao and among others aired things that count very for these factors that depend in first place of the organization to provide this to its employees who in the end of the accounts it will all bring profit for the same one.. .


The walls were painted to about a height of about 1.8 from the floor, which visually made and so low ceilings even lower, thereby reducing the amount of space and making it a gloomy, gray and unprepossessing. Given the experience of previous generations in homebuilding, modern ideas about the interior cuisine is based mainly on the right, right color design of this family-owned corner. Color of the kitchen is chosen according to individual needs and wishes of all family members, with priority given to shades that are most comfortable with in terms of constant spending. After all, agree that few people ever agree contact with bright, gaudy colors or vice versa, impersonal gray shades. Dimensions cuisine in a traditional urban apartments, usually far from perfect.

A few square meters can hardly be put all your heart desires, so the designers go to all sorts of technical tricks to increase kitchen, even visual. One of these techniques – the use of bright colors when you make a kitchen interior. To create a warm, relaxed atmosphere, fine go pale yellow, lemon, apple hues and colorful combinations that create the effect in the kitchen fresh and clean. White color is within reasonable limits welcome, but its application requires a certain color accents and bright decorative elements to the kitchen is not got artsy kind of whitish laboratory. White kitchen visually expand the space, in this room seem more bright, spacious and aesthetically pure. Kitchen with windows facing north or east, through the use of white get the maximum amount of light (interior photos).

For spacious kitchens and dining rooms are acceptable variant design in red, orange and yellow colors. It is believed that these colors stimulate appetite and a beneficial effect on the digestive process. However, this option is not well suited malometrazhnyh for apartments, since such vivid hues visually reduce the amount of space. Very bright and cheerful look cuisine, made in blue. Usually when choosing colors kitchen interior design simultaneously considered and the question about the color of kitchen furniture, home appliances and various utensils and accessories. Currently, an increasing preference for wooden kitchen furniture made of wood light rock. Wall cabinets, tables and chairs are made taking into account the overall colors of the kitchen and complement it. In combination with light wooden furniture, harmonious look colored kitchen utensils and bright enamelware. Some color accents create and decorative elements such as curtains, wall hangings, clocks, towels, napkins. One of the latest trends in kitchen design – selection of home appliances, including refrigerator, in the tone of the interior. For this sort of kitchen fashion legislator can choose different color options, choose the finish that simulates natural wood, or any pattern or picture. "Wooden" refrigerator will fit perfectly into the kitchen in country style, steel-colored refrigerator is ideal for the kitchen hi-tech. How will our kitchen after the regular alteration – we decide for yourself. We are – masters of self-taught in a difficult case of repair, often, without realizing it, form your own unique style of interior. Colors for the kitchen – just a reflection of our inner self, around which the sum total painting the interior. Importantly – the right to choose the right shade and color of the room, the kitchen has always been a cozy corner in which all family members feel comfortable and at home liberated.


As we have seen in the stores, vendors spread their wares on shelves in large quantities, so that the buyer had the opportunity to review all of this, because when there is a choice, the more likely that goods will be purchased. But this accumulation of different products can be observed not only in stores, such as in warehouses, too, is important enough for the product to be involved in less space, so it is stuffing the shelves as compact as possible. But such pressure, Each maintains no furniture. But to do so came up with special furniture that bears the name of the shelving of the CPD, but he may not be the only particle board. Rack made of chipboard – this is a unique furniture, which allows you to store different things in large quantities, and at the same time, allows him to be seen. Such furniture is used almost everywhere, warehouses, offices, supermarkets, houses and so on.

Sam shelves, manufacturers are made from a variety of materials, but the most basic is chipboard and metal. The first is used for not very large loads, but the second, for sufficiently large. Also, the maximum weight that can withstand the rack depends on the thickness of the material and the type of shelf support. When you decide to purchase shelving, you will need to take into consideration the following questions you should ask the seller and get the answers. The first thing you need to know what size it has a rack and what size you need. It's worth knowing that the height of the shelf, can be quite varied, from 1 meter to 4. The best variant is only two meters wide, as in this case, to the very top shelf, a man of medium height, can reach without problems. If the rack is needed for the warehouse, and there is a ladder, you can buy a rack for up to 4 meters and above.

Next, you need to know about the strength of the rack. In other words, how many can take over this furniture. This is determined by various factors, which has a thickness of material used in the rack, which has a construction arm and a shelf and so on. On average, the rack can accept up to 250 pounds.


Already it had seen some times to it, however never repaired. Things of the type: ' ' Eye but not enxergo, knows? Because people are selective even in the look. We repair exactly is in what it calls to the attention, the coloring, the illuminated one, ' ' belo' '. Where I imagine repairing could me in a beggar? It deferred payment in the street, each day sleeps in calaada, the door of somebody. Some give food, clothes, blanket to it. But not aggressive it, does not interpellate the people.

If you to arrive pra to talk to answer it you, if to pass without looking at, it also are in the one of it. I do not know of where it comes size eddy of feelings and emotions when seeing it. I can feel penalty, anger, fear, guilt, envies Envy? It was alone what it lacked! Envy of a beggar? Not everybody, but many can want, for a few seconds, to have the freedom, descompromisso of the beggar. To have mercy is normal, anger because I have to work and this vagabond Fear that has attacked it me; guilt for having a house, food, work, and it not to have. as much other feelings. However rare times we go to look at it and to remember that one day was a baby, who came to munmdo without defense, without being able to define its future. Now it grew! He is a man! E, is not nothing seemed with what it expects of a shining future.

What will have happened in the way walks it? When it will be that it saw itself lost? The pressure of the problems, stress of the life, everything this can press excessively and who not to know to hold itself goes to finish losing the references, the direction, the direction. As much for there, that already they had had a worthy life, a family, a name, a job, a history. Today, they only have a figure, an appearance, nothing more. Everything makes me to this to remember to use to advantage well my time, to reaparar at the ternura, favour moments that I have, to center and me in what really it interests: to live more and to run less; because the haste can not leave to see me the chances that offer me to the life. Disconnect me to to the times, to take off vacation, to rest; ' ' to make me of mendigo' ' to be alone observing running of the life. Without needing to also run.


What but it yearned for as a child was to have a mascot, in fact quieria a dog, but never gave it to me. My mother – who had had many dogs when he was young said to me that they were animal terrible, that those animal were very difficult to educate. During long time, whenever foot him a dog mother, my mother told me when the dogs of their house destroyed their shoes to him, destroyed the garden, the room no longer tapeworm adornments because of the dogs. In the end by my insistence, mother convenci and him desmostre that was responsible and able to take care of a dog, finally my mother acceptance my dream, to have a dog, but me advirtio: " You are already going to see as everything goes to cambiar." Finally my dream became reality and I made contingency not covered by law to the warning of my breast, spends my savings and it renders to me, but porfin I could buy a black farmer, buys puppy, because pense that serious thus much more easy to educate it. My viviamos family and I in one marry ample but, of all ways, for my breast simply not existia the dog, me towards feeling that so that I assumed all the responsibility.

Like Training a Dog Hill to give the reason much to your parents. soon after the cachorrita of eyes to tier to us I become and creio by seven, was an immense dog and for my pain she was very destructive. The chaos invadio my house: the flowerpots were histora, the wasted furniture throughout and not to step on " gracias" of the animalito one it was like walking in a minefield. To remove to walk dog was a headache, with his force it dragged extraordinary me by all the street and in the park it dedicated myself to fight with whichever dog would cross myself to him in the way and when people approached to do a caress to him, scared they them, to end of gruidos.