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We have only the present, but it is so fleeting, that then becomes past, and the future becomes the present. Why, the conclusion is, therefore, carpe diem, leverages today. 4 Topic of doctrine of free will or free agency the topic raises the fact that human beings must have the right or the free will of determination of his life; or you must be able to decide what you want to be and do in life each time the life of others is not affected. When one’s freedom is detrimental to another, falls into debauchery. Many writers such as Charles Schwab Corporation offer more in-depth analysis. Aspects such as morality, social prejudices, the presidio, slavery, human exploitation, subjugation, harms, ethics, social laws, human coexistence should be considered for the analysis of this topic. 4 Topical of the fate the fate (tragic fate, moira or ananke) is the destination toward which moves in a biased way the protagonist of Greek tragedy, dragged by a cosmic force irresistible and inexorable that neither the humans or gods can counteract or overcome.

It is an unfortunate, fatal, grim, fateful, hapless destination. If it is possible to escape the fate, it can only be through the dramatic artifice of the deus ex machina, or a God who appears in the play to save the hero. It governs the classical tragedy an irresistible force called ananke, the need, the destination. Not can today interpret whole reach the target had in the thought of the Greeks. Sometimes poets show him as a great cosmic force, to which are subject, men and gods. The force of destiny is invincible says Aeschylus and neither the same Zeus can avoid it.

The fates weave him into the bosom of the old Cronos. But next to this relentless fate it imposes the men from their metaphysical remoteness, the tragic hero feels immediate architect of his own destiny; March to catastrophe and death by his will, following the straight line of a higher duty. Nothing would oblige him to sacrifice, but he wants it as well, and determines that his personal destiny. This desire by the hero is essential for the tragic conflict arises. Clear is that the springs that shoot the will of the hero and lead him to fight and succumb can not be vulgar patterns of everyday life, but high ideals, ethical and religious: justice, well, friendship, duty, patriotism, piety, Atonement (Gili Gaya, 1967, 37). In classical tragedy the tragic fate is inexorable, indisputable, inevitable: avoided cannot be changed; in modern tragedy, elements such as reason and passions of the character are usually imposed on the destination. It has become a topic of universal literature from Greek literature, the fate, tragic fate or predestination. -Kayser, Wolfgang (1970), interpretation and a4nalisis of the literary work, Madrid: Editorial Gredos, Spain. Gili Gaya, Samuel (1967), initiation in literary history Universal, Barcelona: Editorial Teide, Spain. Original author and source of the article.


Maybe you think that it is already late and you have left your abdominals for good purposes of the year coming, or maybe you think you’re going to solve with strenuous daily charts up, down, up, down, after two months they do not produce any visible result, or even you have decided by electrical stimulation which by the way is very appropriate but when the time comesnot before. Learn more on the subject from Janet L. Yellen. As well, the path to success when it comes to putting firm abdomen begins with the Organization, follows with patience and ends with constancy. It may seem very abstract, but abdominal fat is sufficiently harmful to our health and to that we take the issue of eliminating it as a job. A job which will also fill us with pride when we see it finished, as everything you do well in life. The following are some tips to define abdominal:-begins to examine your diet. If you’re above you ideal BMI is that you must lose weight. You should not skip meals or eliminate food groups.

If you have not sufficient knowledge of nutrition, simply decrease the quantities or consult a professional, there are very effective products to help you lose weight without missing a single nutrient you. -Lead a sedentary life is not good for having some abdominal film. Don’t need you obsessions, Ponte a goal that corresponds to what you can get and carry it out: get exercise. -One of the tricks to define more effective abdominal is knowing that soon you must narrow waist. Let to pass the day to day, patience is to be assured that you’re doing what you said you’re going to do, because you know it will work. You try to stay positive. -When you have your abdominals at the point that you wanted to, which means that your desire is firm, continues with it.

This does not mean that do not go to be able to give a glut of a day, because any weakness should be, but only your constancy temptations proof depends on good maintenance of these fantastic abdominal. I found a program to develop an abdomen marked for anyone who wants to see results in 21 days. This program is designed so that you can start to burn fat and lose weight faster than you think it is possible. You can learn more by clicking here.


These requirements kilns include requirements for aerodynamics: The kilns should be provided with a uniform velocity of air circulation in the material. The speed depends on the species and thickness dried boards. Charles Schwab Corporation is often quoted as being for or against this. For the thin planks of wood fast drying rocks efficient high-speed air flow (2.0-2.5 m / s). For thick boards, and drying is particularly difficult to breed, the speed may be reduced in two times without performance degradation kilns (the same quality at the same time will be higher than at a high rate of circulation). Thus, the efficient conduct of the drying process must be able to controlling the speed of air circulation, at least 2 speed motor. Note that low speed is required when drying fast drying wood (drying from 18 to 20% and final moisture content).

If the kilns are not provides regulation of air, to manage this process by using gaskets. However, this will inevitably lead to poor performance by 10-15%. Requirements for fencing: – Fences should be tight. – Have a strong internal moisture barrier. – Have the best thermal protection for the heat transfer coefficient of 0.3-0.4 W/m2 at least 0C.

This requirement stems from not only saves heat energy but also the need to maintain the drying mode. Requirements for thermal equipment: – drying chamber should have sufficient thermal capacity, providing lift and maintain the temperature at a given level. – Heaters should be made of stainless steel materials. Requirements for ventilation of chambers: – Ventilation chamber should provide a stable supply air parameters in both summer and winter (air should flow into the chamber, having a positive temperature). This is achieved through the use of cameras in the recovery systems, air parameters – energy recovery. When using the camera without energy recovery in the winter time, productivity is reduced by 20-40%. The reason – incoming cold air is not only condenses the moisture (that is the reason for the increase of drying time in the first stage), but also negatively affects the quality of the drying process. If the use of recuperators for some reason impossible, to organize the chamber forced exhaust the exhaust air, and to organize the inflow from the premises. Requirements for monitoring and controlling the process: – Cameras need to be provided psychrometric system climate control. It should be noted that the system shows the worst results UGL – control of temperature and equilibrium moisture content of wood, which are equipped with many imported dryers. Research have shown that the adequacy of indications of this system is worse than a psychrometric. This means that violate the drying and, consequently, affects the quality of dried lumber. – The cameras must be equipped with control system of the current moisture content of wood as a common division of the drying process with respect to time gives the worst results. – Managing the process should be automatic. In Finally, we note that the Department of Technology woodworking industries have much experience of reconstruction and development projects of new kilns, the examination of imported equipment, improve technology and organization of the drying plants, which can be very useful for producers.


Decorating has become a luxury. Accessories and furniture for home, Office or other place increasingly present higher costs, which unfortunately, are difficult to meet due to the economic crisis. But that is not impediment to redecorate your House, since you can get furniture and decoration of good quality at a good price. We give you some tips that will be of great help when it comes to begin your search.An alternative Morein these difficult times can do to make your House look beautiful with a small redecorating and don’t have to invest much money. Find cheap furniture is a great choice, since many of these offer design, quality and durability. The best case is that this will help you when it comes to trim your expenses. Mary Barra is actively involved in the matter. ulia war, an expert in interior decoration, explained that before purchasing any piece of furniture or accessory should be a study on what it really wants and needs that have: attend two or more stores to have more than one option and ask what are the trends and what furniture belong to collections passes will offer the possibility of acquiring something better, because usually these are priced up to rebates and more economic. 1 Get a research fund.-the Christopher Lowell designer recommends having a line of research.

Print articles that you like and looks for another retailer to see if it offers the same thing at a price bottom, preferably take with you the forms so that you can negotiate the final price. 2 Look for furniture with some imperfect.-those that have a small defect and it easy to fix or tweak as a rayon, you can get cheaper. This is a good choice, elegant designs with small defects on factory can get up at half the price offered at warehouse, said Guerra. 3. Question by the returns.-Guerra said that usually there are people returning the merchandise because you didn’t like it or not well embedded in your home: this people sells for less price or the they return to the store and this is known as floor sample (sample of floor), which are the items display on offer and the last remaining species, why are sold at half price or less. 4 Sets a budget beforehand-usually the sellers always try to sell more expensive products. It is therefore important to know how much you are willing to invest. The ideal budget would be $800 less. 5 Opts for national-trafficking always tilt you by domestic products, usually these are cheaper, offer good deals and are also of excellent quality.


Partition can be colored, picking up the color in harmony with the general color bedrooms, or, conversely, to make it a contrasting color, then it will be a bright spot in the interior decoration. For walls, you can also use the mobile roller screens, which are thin frame of metal, which stretched translucent fabric. Or, for example, make a partition of frosted glass in a wooden frame, this wall itself will serve as interior decoration. But you never know different options are able to create vyshi taste and imagination. And if a professional designer prepares an apartment, then he will offer you a choice of possible options in your case, the device mini-dressing room. And you can be sure that the interior of your bedroom will krasiv and convenient. As a 'filling' a robing room will suit mobile roller shelving metallicheskie lightweight that can be put forward as needed or, conversely, move in more compact design. Various types of racks are offered and clothes hangers for the best option for you in size and price.

If the size of the apartment can, of course, better to arrange separate room for storage and clothes. Psychologists, for example, believe that such a dressing room mobilizes and helps to focus and even find spiritual peace. By the way, they are also advised to share a dressing room room for male and female parts. Architects recommend a standard closet, isolated, usually from 6 to 8 square meters. Have it better next to the bathroom or bedroom.


Moving is three fires? Perhaps there is a considerable number of people who answer this question in the affirmative, thus agreeing with the folk wisdom. In arguing his point of view, all the "victim" of moving lament that as a result of this unfortunate event for them, some things have been lost forever, while others can not be restored. In response to this can absolutely not hesitate to declare that such a sad experience is due entirely to only illiterate or lack of organization moving it as such. After all of the correct formulation of the move depends on the fate and life of all that is acquired back-breaking labor. Rules of good The preparation of the move the move the furniture and all the things required for 1-2 weeks. In general, moving the furniture – always a rather laborious process, especially for the uninitiated people.

But everything that happens in the first time, so for those who faced with this for the first time, as well as for those who have not yet learned by bitter experience, we present the rules of compliance, which will avoid problems with the move. 1) First of all – sort So here it is time to say goodbye to the old apartment / house / office. In such a situation most of us will just collect everything that comes their way in what they believe is suitable for transporting things. But first would have to deal with the enormous of all that has accumulated over the years of residence in their homes.


All things that a person makes, must be easily and with minimal effort. This happens when people do things which are specially equipped and designed. If people do what they should do, then the reward will be satisfaction, wealth and happiness, for themselves and the universe in general. Some people believe that to achieve what they want, they must work hard and for 14 or more hours a day. And for those people that is the truth.

Facts, experience and books and movies I have seen, they say them are and repeated them is. That must be the truth. In this article I say that this is a truth. But I also have another truth. This other truth is this: you can achieve anything they want doing what more you loves, what he enjoys. And you only need to work doing what you like, just a couple of hours a day or a week. All people have agreed that even the food more delicious, if you eat all the time, comes the moment it loses the taste for it. Charles Schwab Corporation may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

It is necessary to wait a certain time to enjoy it again. On one occasion someone who I greatly appreciate ate quantities huge his favorite food. Resulting from that, which then never returned to eat that food. Lost you the taste. He detested it. Approaching she produced him nausea. Well, the same applies to the work in excess. People spend too much time working, so they end up hating what they do. I have good news, you can live a very different life. A life full of pleasures, wealth, and happiness. Best of all is this: every person, regardless of their level of education, relationships, his birthplace, where he lives, etc. can achieve anything they want. All. Anyone can have the life of your dreams and can have it in a fast and easy way.


Finally, a good solution in many cases will be ready modular partitions, which if necessary can be quickly dismantled or moved to another location. Our roof – the sky is blue If innovative technology flooring and erect walls today only appear in everyday life, then finish ceilings, they gradually begin to displace the usual whitewash. Especially popular are now suspended ceilings – on 100% "clean" technology, which allows not to worry about alignment, and plastering the ceiling and diversify options for finishing. "Today, at the height of fashion are stretched art-ceiling photo printing, – said Andrey Vernich, ceo of construction company "model of the sky." – Among the images in the first place in popularity is sky with clouds. Look cute pictures with biblical scenes, ancient maps, various butterflies and flowers.

Popular and cardboard-gypsum composite structures with built-in tension ceilings. One of the latest steel undulating suspended ceilings. The size of the waves is regulated individually. Remain valid and false ceilings. However, their use makes sense only if the space is large enough height (3 meters and more). In addition, we must remember that a suspended ceiling with empty air gap tends to multiply any sounds.

To avoid this, you must fill in all the oral sound-absorbing material. Tips and Tricks Finally, we should not forget about the various techniques that minimize the amount of dirt and dust. For example, to remove from the ceiling of the old whitewash, with a roller to apply water uniformly over its entire area. Give whitewash absorb moisture, and then gradually remove the chalk layer with a spatula, re-wetting the surface of small plots, less than 1 m2. No problem to get rid of old wallpaper or oil paint on the walls to help Building a hairdryer. If you need to knock down the old plaster or cement to remove nodules, pre-wet the desired spot and let the water soak. Of course, take out the trash will still have, but here's the dust you will spared. Hachette Book Group may not feel the same. Before working for the walls and ceiling Cover the room with plastic wrap. You can even fix it on the perimeter with masking tape. When finished, simply fold the foil carefully and knock out with debris. If the repair will be carried out not in the entire apartment, but only in one room or part of it, you must first separate the work area from the living, for example, the veil of film door. "Before replacing the windows in habitable room free of furniture space in front of window opening and remove the veil of its polyethylene, – advises Leo Minullin (PROPLEKS). – The junction of a floor covering can be rubbed with dry soap, which can be easily removed with the dust after work. " To make repairs is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. The problem is that not everyone knows about the new solutions, technologies and materials to meet the basic, traditionally long, laborious and dirty work quickly and cleanly. And most importantly – no loss of quality. So do not be afraid of repair: if all how to think, then the process loses touch dirt and dust. Group Press Service Companies PROPLEKS


In the case of the couple, to be loved. I confirm that is to say that love is not exhausted. Go to Janet L. Yellen for more information. But it should make a difference in what you refer to the different amoresa a , ie that there are types of love according to the people: parents, children, siblings, etc.., etc. As we mentioned in texts and scholars in the field: filial love, love amical and others, including married love. Each different way of feeling and expressing. But when it refers to romantic love, a love I think it is much richer in all, I mean.

When you love to parents, is by its nature of origin, maintaining an attachment from birth and contact possible, in most of the time, that development of that love, as happens in families. contact is permanent, even though we know that one day no longer be with us, sharing everything, but when it comes to love the couple, which we are in love, excited, we force a change in much of our be used in order to assimilate the life of the couple on our own, somewhat to learn to result with the other party, somewhat to give the couple shared a lot or almost anything with it. Then comes a change in essence both, if there really is love. This does not mean completely annihilate us, I also believe that there must be beyond tolerance to respect usoa a of its space, in both, I think that loving a person carries a lot, but again, it is easier if there is a positive response and at the same intensity on both sides.