History Of Education

The origins of English language goes far back into the past. In the 1 millennium bc Britain was inhabited by Celts (Gauls) – the ancient Indo-European tribes. Most of the British Isles conquered by the Romans, and to 5-6 centuries of our era Britain subjugated Anglo-Saxons. Several areas were not captured (Mountain Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Kornoull). In these areas, to preserve local languages (Welsh and Gaelic), which exist today and called Celtic.

7-10 centuries ad formed the Anglo-Saxon nation, which is absorbed and the cultural elements of the Celts. Then came to Britain Scandinavians (Vikings), who spoke Old Norse language. Later, in 1066 the land of England had been conquered the French. Thus, the language and culture of the Anglo-Saxons were mixed with the Danes, Norwegians and French – hence originate British nationality. French conquest of England is strongly affected the language spoken at that time by the British. Almost two thousand years French was the language spoken by the English aristocrats and English as the language was circulated only among the common people. This led to that in the lexicon of the English language, a host of French expressions and vocabulary of the language is already included twice as many words.

Vocabulary of English was divided in two: in it, along with the words of the German origin was used French vocabulary. It feels very good today. Resulting from the use of two languages to date is that in English there are many synonyms, which identical in meaning, but different in sound.