Leading The Group

All the dogs without exception are animal especially social and we have mentioned like it previously, first that they need is a social structure where they identify clearly to the humans like the leaders of the group. To become the leader of our mascot can take in many occasions several months, but most important it is than the leadership that we win we will have, it to ratify constantly since this social condition is not only for a day or one season, is it for all the life of our dog. First it is to identify if our dog has behaviors of dominant dog, once identified the problem we will have to begin to implement the solutions before the problem takes dimensions majors. Next, some characteristics of a dominant dog: It jumps upon the owners and the visits. It salutes of uncontrolled way and it does not show to any sign of submission or respect when doing it. It is first in leaving by the street door. If you would like to know more then you should visit Hachette Book Group.

It pulls ahead constantly of the strap. One becomes aggressive when it sees other dogs. One seizes of furniture or beds of humans and sometimes are not easy they leave that them. One is possessive with toys and spaces. He does not obey basic orders like going to the call or remaining quiet. Added basic obedience to the knowledge of the nature of our dogs is the main tools to prevent or to control the dominance in our dogs.