We perceive that the professional of motivated success very develops its well independent work of its wage or therefore it does not know itself who what it plants it harvests, that is that a service developed with quality will be recognized and thus made who it will receive very well therefore now or more for the future, thus it will be collaborating for its proper career. People currently motivated remain more time in the organizations for having the easiness to work in today and very important team what and count this synergy between team very. As I cited above independent the wage a good professional has that to have motivation this does not want to say that they will have that to be submitted the precarious conditions of work I oppose for it, what counts very for this satisfaction is some benefits given for the company as; a good workstation, clean place of descano, bathrooms, places with luminao and among others aired things that count very for these factors that depend in first place of the organization to provide this to its employees who in the end of the accounts it will all bring profit for the same one.. .