Moving is three fires? Perhaps there is a considerable number of people who answer this question in the affirmative, thus agreeing with the folk wisdom. In arguing his point of view, all the "victim" of moving lament that as a result of this unfortunate event for them, some things have been lost forever, while others can not be restored. In response to this can absolutely not hesitate to declare that such a sad experience is due entirely to only illiterate or lack of organization moving it as such. After all of the correct formulation of the move depends on the fate and life of all that is acquired back-breaking labor. Rules of good The preparation of the move the move the furniture and all the things required for 1-2 weeks. In general, moving the furniture – always a rather laborious process, especially for the uninitiated people.

But everything that happens in the first time, so for those who faced with this for the first time, as well as for those who have not yet learned by bitter experience, we present the rules of compliance, which will avoid problems with the move. 1) First of all – sort So here it is time to say goodbye to the old apartment / house / office. In such a situation most of us will just collect everything that comes their way in what they believe is suitable for transporting things. But first would have to deal with the enormous of all that has accumulated over the years of residence in their homes.