Simple House Great Solution

When she was student in the University, (for many years already) it was delirious by ” houses raras” , all the youthful and inexpert impetus did of my designs would transform into an insuffrable habitat and a true headache for all those that ” osaran” to live in one on those houses Round dormitories, baths with angles rare impossible to clean much less and of amoblar, internal swimming pools external half and half, facades outside lead uf! student deliriums. Memory as words of a professor put abrupt brake to all deliriums, that seemed not to have aim the professor, tired already of my insurrection, said with pedantic and arrogant tone to me ” Very pretty Che but that is going to live inside here? “. Fuaaaaa! These painful words caused it supports that me in the endorsement of the chair in which was seated, and into silence, they transformed my mind for always, from I became rationalist at any cost, that is to say a professional there who thinks all the spaces and situations so that you can place a furniture without problems, sweep all the corners, keep the bicycle, to have a power outlet available and located well to connect the coffee pot in aim I stopped thinking about my absurd architectonic ego, and happened to design houses for people who are going to live ” really ” in them.

For that reason, always I say ” Simple house, Grande” Solution; If quers to drain your budget ” Simple house, Grande” Solution; If quers one marries comfortable ” Simple house, Grande” Solution; If quers one house that represents to you ” Simple house, Grande” Solution; If quers to avoid the errors with the constructor ” Simple house, Grande” Solution; ” Before died that complicado” Any more does not have expensive that one marries complicated and difficult to construct. To know more about this subject visit bruce flatt. If you pay attention, ” all the beautiful houses only turn around one and one idea.” One and one only devises, to develop and it until the end. That is the great challenge of an architecture project, to find that idea that represents to you, and to make it simple. A warm greeting, Martin. Original author and source of the article.