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The walls were painted to about a height of about 1.8 from the floor, which visually made and so low ceilings even lower, thereby reducing the amount of space and making it a gloomy, gray and unprepossessing. Given the experience of previous generations in homebuilding, modern ideas about the interior cuisine is based mainly on the right, right color design of this family-owned corner. Color of the kitchen is chosen according to individual needs and wishes of all family members, with priority given to shades that are most comfortable with in terms of constant spending. After all, agree that few people ever agree contact with bright, gaudy colors or vice versa, impersonal gray shades. Dimensions cuisine in a traditional urban apartments, usually far from perfect.

A few square meters can hardly be put all your heart desires, so the designers go to all sorts of technical tricks to increase kitchen, even visual. One of these techniques – the use of bright colors when you make a kitchen interior. To create a warm, relaxed atmosphere, fine go pale yellow, lemon, apple hues and colorful combinations that create the effect in the kitchen fresh and clean. White color is within reasonable limits welcome, but its application requires a certain color accents and bright decorative elements to the kitchen is not got artsy kind of whitish laboratory. White kitchen visually expand the space, in this room seem more bright, spacious and aesthetically pure. Kitchen with windows facing north or east, through the use of white get the maximum amount of light (interior photos).

For spacious kitchens and dining rooms are acceptable variant design in red, orange and yellow colors. It is believed that these colors stimulate appetite and a beneficial effect on the digestive process. However, this option is not well suited malometrazhnyh for apartments, since such vivid hues visually reduce the amount of space. Very bright and cheerful look cuisine, made in blue. Usually when choosing colors kitchen interior design simultaneously considered and the question about the color of kitchen furniture, home appliances and various utensils and accessories. Currently, an increasing preference for wooden kitchen furniture made of wood light rock. Wall cabinets, tables and chairs are made taking into account the overall colors of the kitchen and complement it. In combination with light wooden furniture, harmonious look colored kitchen utensils and bright enamelware. Some color accents create and decorative elements such as curtains, wall hangings, clocks, towels, napkins. One of the latest trends in kitchen design – selection of home appliances, including refrigerator, in the tone of the interior. For this sort of kitchen fashion legislator can choose different color options, choose the finish that simulates natural wood, or any pattern or picture. "Wooden" refrigerator will fit perfectly into the kitchen in country style, steel-colored refrigerator is ideal for the kitchen hi-tech. How will our kitchen after the regular alteration – we decide for yourself. We are – masters of self-taught in a difficult case of repair, often, without realizing it, form your own unique style of interior. Colors for the kitchen – just a reflection of our inner self, around which the sum total painting the interior. Importantly – the right to choose the right shade and color of the room, the kitchen has always been a cozy corner in which all family members feel comfortable and at home liberated.