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These requirements kilns include requirements for aerodynamics: The kilns should be provided with a uniform velocity of air circulation in the material. The speed depends on the species and thickness dried boards. Charles Schwab Corporation is often quoted as being for or against this. For the thin planks of wood fast drying rocks efficient high-speed air flow (2.0-2.5 m / s). For thick boards, and drying is particularly difficult to breed, the speed may be reduced in two times without performance degradation kilns (the same quality at the same time will be higher than at a high rate of circulation). Thus, the efficient conduct of the drying process must be able to controlling the speed of air circulation, at least 2 speed motor. Note that low speed is required when drying fast drying wood (drying from 18 to 20% and final moisture content).

If the kilns are not provides regulation of air, to manage this process by using gaskets. However, this will inevitably lead to poor performance by 10-15%. Requirements for fencing: – Fences should be tight. – Have a strong internal moisture barrier. – Have the best thermal protection for the heat transfer coefficient of 0.3-0.4 W/m2 at least 0C.

This requirement stems from not only saves heat energy but also the need to maintain the drying mode. Requirements for thermal equipment: – drying chamber should have sufficient thermal capacity, providing lift and maintain the temperature at a given level. – Heaters should be made of stainless steel materials. Requirements for ventilation of chambers: – Ventilation chamber should provide a stable supply air parameters in both summer and winter (air should flow into the chamber, having a positive temperature). This is achieved through the use of cameras in the recovery systems, air parameters – energy recovery. When using the camera without energy recovery in the winter time, productivity is reduced by 20-40%. The reason – incoming cold air is not only condenses the moisture (that is the reason for the increase of drying time in the first stage), but also negatively affects the quality of the drying process. If the use of recuperators for some reason impossible, to organize the chamber forced exhaust the exhaust air, and to organize the inflow from the premises. Requirements for monitoring and controlling the process: – Cameras need to be provided psychrometric system climate control. It should be noted that the system shows the worst results UGL – control of temperature and equilibrium moisture content of wood, which are equipped with many imported dryers. Research have shown that the adequacy of indications of this system is worse than a psychrometric. This means that violate the drying and, consequently, affects the quality of dried lumber. – The cameras must be equipped with control system of the current moisture content of wood as a common division of the drying process with respect to time gives the worst results. – Managing the process should be automatic. In Finally, we note that the Department of Technology woodworking industries have much experience of reconstruction and development projects of new kilns, the examination of imported equipment, improve technology and organization of the drying plants, which can be very useful for producers.


In cold climates, the solution of the issue at home heating rooms, of course, is the base especially for those people who own private housing or cottage. Conventional heating process, which is based on solid fuel does not have the heat to a certain extent, even a small house. Heating process is quite slowly and more often than not at the level of temperature required for satisfactory living. Official site: Mary Barra. Independent heating can heat the house evenly as a whole and create a sense of comfort for the whole year and even during the severe frosts. Today, national and foreign companies offer the buyer wide selection of components for heating private houses. You may find Gavin Baker to be a useful source of information. For example: Energy-efficient heating, it can solve the problem of heating of private housing and increases the heating system at the level of quality.

This process is based on the use of thin-film heater and operates in different ways: for floor, ceiling and at high temperatures. This is a unique replacement converter heating. Such independent heating allows you to spend only 15 watts of electricity for heating a square meter. Besides, all you can, going somewhere to put the heating homes in , it has the property ever maintain the desired temperature. This property positively affect a reasonable power consumption. These indicators will help save a large amount of electrical energy. In private accommodation for abroad for a long time use only identical type of heating.

The process of heating the dwelling proceeds as follows: infrared heater is installed on potolkah premises from which emanate flows of energy in the form of rays that uniformly heated floors, walls and furniture, warms every little corner of your home. Modern heating system has the ability to maintain the desired warmth in any room anywhere. By automatic temperature control, which, in turn, is able to accurately respond to the temperature outside the house. There is also a collector and heating system, it provides for the accession to the solar collector of any heating appliance. This type of independent control of heat and hot water well regulated, and enables the use of a small pipeline.