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This day should remind the office blooming garden. Flowers from the air or helium balloons should be on every woman's desk, and even more original look will be a garden of flowers polutorametrovy height! Each employee will be photographed in an embrace with such a flower. A small bouquet for every woman and girl at the end of the holiday corporate dinner – as selfless corporate pledge of love! Victory Day – the day of great joy. We would be pleased if the company share this joy with us, and we will celebrate this day together. In this festival would be appropriate to design in the corporate colors, garlands on the walls of the balloons in the color of St. George's ribbons. Gold star balloons, stars with patriotic symbols and camouflage ball in the red corner, or just on the table in a meeting room will serve as a symbol of the unity of the universal grief of the victims. Professional holidays are not strictly corporate, but all staff will be pleased that they are valued as professionals if their congratulations to the professional holiday.

Day cooks can figure noted chef of balloons. Day trading employee hang from the ceiling, helium-colored balls with the inscription "Congratulations" and distribute bouquets to the thematic spheres. Teacher's Day, the day of a lawyer, accountant day day manager – all professional holidays can be arranged balls, the main show imagination and smekalku.Den birth employee. Nowadays, the main thing to keep in mind that the team consists of individuals. Every employee is a person with interests, with unique abilities. We We know that leadership is not forgotten, we will make all efforts for the success of the company. On his birthday, we are particularly in need of attention from the team.

Thematic decoration balls in the light of hobbies celebrant will be more than appropriate. Fishing, knitting, travel, artistic or just gay character in all of these topics are balls. Funny clowns, falgirovannye yachts, air kisses, animals from balloons. The main maximum information about the hero for the day and not to limit their fantaziyu.Dizayn studio "Naduvanchik 'happy to help you with this.


Schools that teach neuro-linguistic programming, now working in different directions. These areas are many, but they can be divided: NLP in psychotherapy in the business, in the manipulation and advertising. Moreover, very often we can say that we learn in business direction, but in fact it can be psychotherapy, etc. What's the difference? Technology and basic knowledge of generally similar. The fact that the direction of the psychotherapeutic partner in a group where we will learn, will vosprinimatsyapodobno client psychotherapeutic interaction. All Technology (stroke, 6-step refreming, visual compression, etc.) is served as a technology psychotherapy, and how the specification of the result (the principles of well-formulated results), strategic models (SCORE) – it will be submitted to address therapeutic goals.

The technology of "neurological levels "(R. Dilts) will be used to assist in finding a client of his mission, to harmonize his life. Psychotherapeutic direction is now the most advanced. Business – the model has a different vision of the situation – work in a business context. 6-step refreming can be served as a technology or a way to resolve the conflict interaction with a partner in the negotiation process when it fails to persuade a long time and it is important to find a possible compromise. Visual compression (contractual refreming) – as a way of negotiating with the two conflicting parties, submodalities – technology advertising exposure and TE feature of business models – Integrate game situations business during the assimilation techniques. Manipulative approach – the most interesting trend in NLP, but the most dangerous for the long-term relationships who do not tolerate manipulation.


Decided not to? Then, purchase the gift card. You can buy it directly in some boutiques with clothes and accessories. But check conditions often by paying a purchase card, discounts do not apply. But it may disturb a hunter for bonuses and interest. Moving on? Perhaps my sister is fond of computers and spends much time around them? In any case, if you decide to make a gift of this area, let it be feminine.

A bright flash drive, original headset, an unusual set of keyboard + mouse – everything must say that the owner of this – a girl. You can find an interesting thing to hold the discs. For example, in the form of a die or aluminum cans. At last, by the way, you can put the image with the symbol of your favorite operating system or a hero of the game, which my sister likes to pass time after time … Fantasy and imagination only! Flowers? Yes, I think every girl likes to get them a gift. "Bouquet – it's corny," – you will say. And why did you decide that the flowers – a bouquet? It is possible and in a pot! Unusual plant, preferably unpretentious – a very nice gift.

For example, the bamboo: it can be put in a vase with water and … forget it. He will grow without you. Water it needs to be changed only once every two weeks, and enjoy watching it grow, you can each day. Shopping, you'll find Many interesting plants, and one of which may be present. "But": Be careful with the cacti. There is a sign that while the cactus in the house, she did not marry. Although you can not believe this, right? 🙂 And, again, remember about the Packaging: jar or vase. They may, for example, repeat the form of plants. Beautiful? A good gift can be paint. Even if she does not draw, believe me: a set of acrylic paints will not remain indifferent. By its very texture, they very different from watercolor. They can create outstanding works expressing their emotions. These paints are not forced to think about how much they take in the brush. Let the paints and shows his mood at the paper! You do not have only in it: glass, ceramics, textiles, … And of what material you have walls? 🙂 Do not forget to buy a set of outlines: they help the paint does not spread if the sister wants to dilute them with water. To select a set of paint brush set (For acrylic paints are easier to use a brush with flat bristles) and a beautiful mosaic. And why does not itself draw something such colors, such as a mug? Get spiritual gift! After all, everyone knows that make a gift to yourself – much more difficult. My sister will appreciate it. That's just remember that the need for printing a lot of time. If you want to use the circuit for the ceramic work, until it dries, it may take 24 hours, and then will apply the basic dye. And so it is dry and will need another 24 hours. Only after this cup can be washed under the tap. "48 hours a lot" – you will say. Well, this time can be reduced, if not diluted paint with water, they can be applied immediately after the loop. Let your gift will really be your sister a gift. Gift, in which you put your mind to families and friends of the man!