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Jalisco is one of the major States in the Mexican Republic in various sectors such as economic, political, social and indeed religious. It is well known, at least for the inhabitants of the State, that there is a great religious sentiment towards Catholicism, in Jalisco, which is present in our daily lives. We can see it from the first hours of the day when the merchant takes its first coins and is persina a way of thanks, to phrases of relief as thank God it’s Friday or if God wants. Of course, that these expressions alone do not show how attached people to religion. Long processions to distant places, characterized by the mandas from the faithful, are one of the main features that define the religiosity of the jalisciense, being the biggest of them the pilgrimage. San Juan de los Lagos and Talpa processions are other samples of the faith of the jalisciense. However, these examples are radical points, if we can say so, since in everyday life it is very little people who practice their religion every day, and not only on Sundays from 6 to 7 pm if you go not through a good game of football, or at least that is my perception. These expressions of faith are living specimen in our State we have a purely religious culture that is hard to deny.

It could fall into the mistake of thinking that Jalisco is mocho (term given to people, especially men, who are notable for being very dedicated to religion) due to these demonstrations, but the truth is that it is simply left in a religious status. The processions and acts of faith above occur sporadically each year but only one day is required for make feel the fervor and passion towards Catholicism. In these days of the year is when normally religious people end up polled in their processions, and not the fact that tiredness affects their physical integrity, but because specifically during this journey accompanied by chants, prayers and praises elevate his fervor to its maximum point and not let that nothing prevents them from reaching their goal: thank its Patron Saint by some received favor or simply to venerate it.