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New spiritual technology: a virtual-world network telepathic (“Telenet”), the penetration into the spiritual dimension and time travel methods and progressive regressive hypnosis Russia, Ukraine, India, USA * 2225-2238Zemletryaseniya, floods, melting glaciers at the poles, the displacement of the African continent 4. 2255-2350Kolonizatsiya Moon, Venus, Mars and the asteroid belt, industrial development, development satellites of giant planets, interstellar flights Peoples Federation of the Earth * 2318-2328Kratkovremennoe cooling solar, aggravation geo kriticheskoy situation, the threat of destruction of Earth’s atmosphere Peoples Federation of Earth 5. In a question-answer forum Hachette Book Group was the first to reply. 2350 2445Prodlenie life and immortality of the human body, the development of the Earth’s lithosphere, underground utilities and metropolitan areas, energy use of the core nations of the Earth Federation 6. 2445-2555Osvoenie hydrosphere: the construction of underwater cities, plants and ak vaferm, creating a new kind of human Homo avaricious (human sea), creating intelligent breeds of animals Peoples Federation of the Earth * 2475-2486Globalnaya disaster, the new Flood 7..