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decorate with interior decoration color-cursos to find the colors and tones ideal for a room must take into account their dimensions and applications and decide whether you want to dress her in a single color or using combinations, if the painting will be backdrop or will participate in the definition of colors in interior decoration. Planning colors in interior decoration. The colors of the room are essential in the implementation of a decorative idea. A proper color highlights attributes such as the amplitude or brightness. But also hidden defects: a close stay swell if it is covered with a suitable color, charges a low ceiling height and an enclosure with low light will multiply their luminosity with tones that reflect it. We perceive a color because the light hits him. There are colors that reflect more intensely than others.

The warm colors, the range which goes from yellow to red, return it with such force that the color seems to bounce off objects and bringing closer them to the observer. Cold, those that go from blue to green, reflect light in many colors smaller proportion and a scattered, producing the effect of giving depth and give depth to surfaces. Warm colors advance, cool colors recede. This simple rule allows you to mold an environment using the illusory nature of the color. An interior decorator course considers this as essential in the administration of the design aspect. A room painted a single color always seems broader, and if it is a cold, like blue or grey color, the feeling will be more pronounced.

On the other hand, if painting a warm, like the orange or yellow color, your environment will be more concentrated and cozy. The sensation of forward and reverse colors is heightened if you choose carefully each of the tones present in the schema. The pitch is the amount of white and black involved in a color: the more white added, it is clear the resulting color, and how much more black will be darker. An example are the shades ranging from pure white to grey more concentrated. Tones created their own effects. Clearings, to disperse the light, creating funds that are separated and increase distances between walls and furniture, while darker smoothly integrate the walls painting and decoration. The qualities of a color largely depend on the type of light that illuminates it. It is vital to observe samples of paint in the light of the day, under natural lighting that receives the room and their lamps at night. The daylight affects the colors of a room in its interior decoration cause focal points and cast shadows, changing tones and its intensity. It is important to ascertain how affects the light in a room before you choose a color to avoid illusory spots or avoid annoying flashes.


Practice say we cannot, practice saying this I have to discuss with my manager and I give answer in this same week, we cannot pay that amount for this display however we understand that we can reach an agreement given that our product is the market leader and you know it!. A question of buying new shirts, pants several times a year, shoes at least once a year. Women don’t have to tell you this. They know the value that this has much better than me. Communication skills going to help and open doors. They will facilitate the work and the development of other skills like teach and train that we will see later. Skills to train and teach how to all Supervisor, you will be working with people who are learning the profession of Merchandising, this is your profession. You will teach and train many people over time.

Your managers will require your opinion about performance and you will always want to give good news regarding members of your team. Education never stops, never stop training and retraining. I said before that it is important to maintain at least one step forward to our staff in the areas of knowledge, but it is not for the simple fact of being ahead, but to teach. You learn while you teach more more. You will learn teaching. Each Member of our team has its strengths and its weaknesses. To the extent that we can strengthen these weaknesses and exploit those strengths, we will have a stronger and more effective and efficient team. We can do that only re-entrenando or teaching something that even you didn’t know.

The ability to teach applies not only to the issue of the different types of knowledge, also applies to the moderation of meetings of team, which should be asked, at least one per month. I recommend, promote the knowledge of our staff. Encourage them to be always reading a book on trade issues and personal growth. To the extent that educate our staff, your work will be better quality that (1 + 1 = 4) mean that our work will be better also. The improvement of our team, is the improvement of our performance as supervisors of Merchandising. Many times, we can teach a lot in the branch of knowing be. For this maturity which I mentioned earlier will we come in handy at the supervisory level. All teaching and training should consist of several parts: A target, which will emerge from the need that you’re perceiving. A methodology that will be the most appropriate way of teaching or training in the necessary aspect. A development, which is teaching or training itself. Some assessments that you will notice if your teaching or training has been sufficient or must continue. Gentle reader, if you want to learn other skills vital for the excellent performance of a Supervisor of Merchandising, I invite you to continue reading this article on my Blog (by clicking here). Do you want to make contributions to the topic? There you can leave me your ideas and opinions. Leave me your comments on my Blog, not only on this article but others more, I want to listen to you and be a portal to the world read your comments. I hope that by reading this article you animaras to improve or reinforce your skills and conditions in aspects which I have expressed and which I know pretty well. Remember to visit my Blog to view many other very important skills. Until then.