Month: <span>July 2017</span>

The question is the following one, is many things on the tables and writing-desks of the great leaders of this nation who cannot occur the luxury to much less set out to the public opinion and to mass media and the best way to undo almost in their totality of the customary informative flights, is commanding all those that lack whole confidence, to their houses and to deny the enter to him the representatives of means being alleged fear of infection and in short, hands to the work is saying, to legislate behind closed doors. As I said at the beginning of the present, some years ago they made us watch completely upwards terrified to find a monstrous flying being that would drain the blood of the body, soon a bird sneezed, they upset to means and they turned to the birds into the protagonist of the collective death, today, making of guts hearts, discredit the so delicious pigs and again they make us turn around towards where they want to do it without nobody emits complaint some, that is not strange to us more ahead if, superhero saves a partisan us to all of the epidemic and soon soon it indicates his main gratefulness to his sponsor, accidentally, the gentleman fulano of so, member of the party X, with such governmental intentions. Hypothesis on the matter are many, suspicions many more, which is certain is that in the end and very over our opinion, the surprises will not be made hope and only those to those who we can erase of a few will leave as always, with hers. Immediately at the moment Achuuuusss! Antonio Andrade original Author and source of the article.. y’>Alan Schnitzer.