Month: <span>January 2018</span>

A negative fact is that almost 31% do not eat fish rarely or never. 98% eat rice every week, and 75% vegetables, although there are about 36% of students who do not take vegetables or cereals. In general, the Mediterranean diet is but there is little consumption of fruits and vegetables, and enough sweets and treats. Most respondents are not eg according to their conclusions on their own health perception of the different diseases or ailments, ensure that the most common is feeling nervous, dejected or angry. A large proportion of students who feel back pain. It is not often complain of toothaches, headaches or stomach. In general they feel happy or good (83%) and is 17% of students say they are happy.

The medication is usually taken for headaches, colds and coughs. Conclusions on leisure are related easily with friends (84%), with his mother (69%), almost half relate well with parents, and the other half with difficulty. A third have no difficulty getting along with brothers and sisters, but the other two thirds have problems with communication. In general do not feel alone although a small proportion that is quite often. 17% of students study after school at least half an hour. Half of them looks half-hour to two hours and only 13% For more than two hours. A 12% never studies after school. They usually come out every day with friends. Only a third of it with friends one day a week and 3% say they have friends.