Lottery Green Card

Every year I get to your mailbox and in ICQ such questions: 'You have said that the lottery is held every year around October or November. I went to the website Green Card, and it says that applications are accepted year round and can even arrange application for several years. Where is it? " 'I got a call from the office of Green Card and asked to list the registration fee for participation in the lottery. This is actually the official center of Green Card? ' 'I got a letter in the e-mail, where I have been told that I had won a Green Card! Want to, I have listed them more money. How do I check whether I won the lottery? " So, start with a basic: 1. There are no official representatives of the centers or the lottery! Currently the only official site of the U.S.

government's registration statements Lottery Green Card is 2. Registration statements in the lottery for FREE! 3. Lottery is not associated with participants by phone or e-mail! Remember these three points, you can avoid many problems and financial losses are not tempted to send the information it is unclear who at some site … Now a little about what kind of organization on which site you encouraged to register for the lottery – scammers or not? Some of them – con artists, and some – not, as in any business … Demand creates supply. Many people want to participate in the lottery and receive permanent residency status in the U.S..

Naturally, this demand leads to companies that offer to do it for you. And from that moment the division offering the 'decent' and not 'clever' and honest, etc. You can select multiple the basic principles of this service – registration of the application in the lottery. In accordance with these principles, you yourself have to define who an honest and who is not very much.