Mexico grew 20 in the advertising industry online during the semester I

“The hard data reveal Bakery that each year more and more companies see the Internet as the platform for dialogue or interact with their consumers.” MEXICO CITY, 1 de Octubre de 2009. IAB Mexico, the Association of Interactive Marketing responsible for promoting the use of Internet as a marketing platform, today announced that during the first half of this year the industry achieved growth of 20 , despite adverse world economic conditions. The industry achievement, unlike the other branches of communication, double-digit growth this year in the first half, outpacing the same period last year (to click on the chart to see a larger picture). According to IAB Mexico, online ad spending in Mexico, consisting of display (banners, buttons, video, etc.) and search, high 1,001 million pesos during the first six months of the year. The reason, says the body was that due to the impacts of the global economic crisis makes sophisticated marketing strategies incorporating various interactive activities that allow them to not only communicate the offer value, but also interact with your audience. In Mexico the market potential is great, just in 2008 the investment in interactive legal advertising and represented about 4 of total investment in this area. In more mature markets like the UK, this year the online investment world’s first investment in the television, which marks a growing trend that can have this industry. During the second quarter of this year the online advertising industry in Mexico scored another achievement to beat the record reached in the attorney fourth quarter of 2008, a period that had recorded the highest turnover. However, the period from April to June, the sector reached a record high of 610 million pesos. “Each year more companies are turning to see the Internet as the ideal platform to interact with their consumers ‘, said Bianca Loew, Director of IAB Mexico.’ The crisis exploded that Mexican companies to question the way they spend in advertising and on this wise, they opt for more effective options that provide greater value to advertisers and consumers, namely the Internet, ‘he added Rafael Jimenez, president of IAB Mexico. According to IAB Mexico, the hard data reveal that each year lawyers more and more companies ven a Internet como la plataforma idonea para dialogar o interactuar con sus consumidores. Esta tendencia va de la mano con el crecimiento acelerado de numero de usuarios en el pais, los cuales superan los 30 millones de personas (segun eMarketer 2009), lo cual integra a market with very attractive critical mass for any brand. “So here the statement. MANDUJANO MANUEL’S COMMENTS:” How much of the advertising investment is the television destination in the first half of 2009 I ‘is the means to overcome … It happened in the UK: Online advertising expenditure grew 4.6 to attorneys 1.75 billion in H1 2009, overtaking TV for the first time. Chairman of the Humpty Dumpty Institute ,