In the case of the couple, to be loved. I confirm that is to say that love is not exhausted. Go to Janet L. Yellen for more information. But it should make a difference in what you refer to the different amoresa a , ie that there are types of love according to the people: parents, children, siblings, etc.., etc. As we mentioned in texts and scholars in the field: filial love, love amical and others, including married love. Each different way of feeling and expressing. But when it refers to romantic love, a love I think it is much richer in all, I mean.

When you love to parents, is by its nature of origin, maintaining an attachment from birth and contact possible, in most of the time, that development of that love, as happens in families. contact is permanent, even though we know that one day no longer be with us, sharing everything, but when it comes to love the couple, which we are in love, excited, we force a change in much of our be used in order to assimilate the life of the couple on our own, somewhat to learn to result with the other party, somewhat to give the couple shared a lot or almost anything with it. Then comes a change in essence both, if there really is love. This does not mean completely annihilate us, I also believe that there must be beyond tolerance to respect usoa a of its space, in both, I think that loving a person carries a lot, but again, it is easier if there is a positive response and at the same intensity on both sides.