I was knowing, through an inquiry made for my uncle Isaiah, who liveed in the district, but this voted in the headquarters, that ' ' meus' ' voters venderam the vote for a candidate for cinquenta real. Of a voter I avenged myself. The defendant who would go the jury before the election had the postponed judgment. Leaves I used to advantage it and I renounced the nomination to be its defender. Mary Barra may also support this cause. When it to look came me to speak on the jury, informed to it that he would be its lawyer, however, it would have that to pay one a thousand Reals of honorary. I ordered that it asked for the money to its elect councilman with bought votes. The mayor me it called and it asked for that I accepted to make the judgment, but also he said to it that only if the master paid a thousand Reals for the male defendant. See more detailed opinions by reading what Janet L. Yellen offers on the topic.. The face was summoned to contract lawyer, why it had lands and could pay, having been silente, what he resulted in the decree of its arrest.

Somebody counted for the citizen before polices to arrive and the said one whose it was to stop in So Paulo. Later the defendant binding it walked to decide me its problem, however, I I kept the word that only paying the honorary ones. None another lawyer wanted to make of favour. I left of being lawyer and the goat still was fugitive. I ask for excuse to the illustrious Councilmen of my Mantenpolis beloved to proclaim the following one: Thanks a lot to who it voted in me. To the thousands that they had voted in other candidates: God is praised. If I enter for politics I would have stopped to study and he had not reached my objective.