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Thus, the recognition, on the part of this so representative figure for the son, will bring obtains the load of meaning arraigada in the social paper of the father. A manager of a company praises its sobordinate and this if she feels stimulated, therefore the position of the management is busy for that it presents irrefutable behavior. In case that a professor praises its pupil during the lessons, educating can, depending on the biography and position of the master, to feel the weight, the satisfaction and motivation ahead of this compliment. Simple words as ' ' its text is one primor' ' , ' ' you carried through excellent trabalho' ' come of somebody whose experience denotes knowledge he is wonderful, therefore the rhetoric of the compliment is in the authority of she pronounces that it, not in the speech properly said. The ministrao of lesson must (or at least it would have) have in the figure of the professor the credibility, not only in what it refers to the curricular content to be given, but this professional must have, in its speech, the weight for the compliment, as well as smoothness of character in order to have weight for balances. According to psychiatrist and educator, Iami Tiba, if these people (professors, relatives or any other people) will be ' ' healthful educadores' ' , that is, to know to dose the critical compliments well and, will contribute to increase autoestima of the child and adolescent. But you are welcome the professor advances to retumbar success prescriptions if it is representation of failure, loss of heart, incredulity in its teaching, its social function. In the sport, in the families, the companies, the school, the compliment, to the times so scarce, can be the bridge enters the predestinate being to gets sleepy and the powerful individual and that it cheats success, either emotional or professional. To educate is also to praise, is enough to have weight.