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Russian country estate architecture the same time – this is another example of the rule of classicism, its samples still remain the same example to follow in designing a modern suburban housing. As in ancient architecture, it is clear geometric forms based on symmetry, clarity, composition building: the main building – the side housing (wing). The facade of the main building, the traditional Russian farm colors of yellow and white, decorated with columns, marble staircases, moldings, often with sculpture. Charles Schwab Corporation may help you with your research. Parks and gardens, too match style: straight paths, clipped greenery, sculptures and flowerbeds the correct form. Since then, there was also widely used by a wide variety of architectural styles and trends in decorating interiors. Each era brings to this process contribute, new synthetic materials, furniture and accessories have become more tenhnologichnymi and rational. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Gavin Baker, New York City. But despite the advantages of trendy architecture and design solutions, classical motifs are still popular.

After all, commitment to the classics – a sign of solidity, conservatism, in a good way, delicate taste host. This is especially important if we are talking about people with high social status, because the classic style of consecrated the whole history of culture and a host of famous names. For interiors in the classical style typical of low-key decor and expensive quality materials (Natural wood, stone, silk, etc.). The most frequent decoration sculptures, columns and semi columns, moldings. Paul finished with an artistic parquet precious wood, walls are sometimes hooped special interior fabrics, window drape curtains. Decorative elements, stucco sometimes 'gold'.