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Budapest, in 1934, was named City of Spas, not in vain has 118 thermal water springs. Among the spas of Budapest, one of oldest and, without a doubt, most beautiful of Budapest is the Gellrt spa, located in district XI, just next to the Place St. Gellrt and to the bridgehead Szabadsg, in Buddha. Reference of the use of medicinal waters is had to the feet of the mount of Gellrt from the medieval time, at which a hospital in the place was constructed. After the Turkish invasion, the building became baths, that were known with the name ” Purgatorio” , with reference to which their waters were hottest of all Buddha, staying at present between the 26 and 38C. The spa, we know as it, was finished constructing in 1918. Constructing, later, in 1927 the swimming pool of waves and 1934 the one of bubbles. Its decoration is of modernist style, although respecting the Hungarian typical style and adding Eastern details, with reference to its origins Turks.

The Gellrt Spa has 9 terapuricas swimming pools, abierta swimming pool of waves, a swimming pool with thermal water, infantile swimming pool, and swimming pool of bubbles closed. In addition it has saunas and services of massages. The composition of its waters includes calcium, magnesium, sulphates and other minerals. One of the most beautiful spas of Budapest by its spectacular marble columns, statues, colorful mosaics of Zsolnay and impressive show windows is considered, besides its modernist furniture. Its elegant vestibule of 700 meters square and two plants of height, with crystal ceiling is, without a doubt, most impressive of the complex. To accede to this spa, and to enjoy its waters while the small details are contemplated that lock up their show windows and sculptures, are a pleasure that Budapest does not have to need in any trip. Our guide reads to travel to Budapest and discovers more data of utility to visit Budapest.