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Today, America chooses ‘green’ way for housing, economy and transport. According to a recent consumer survey 9 out of 10 buyers, before purchasing the home, will give predpochetenie to a product which the most accurate answer to their demands on ecology and health, to be exact – will choose for themselves and their families an environmentally – friendly, ‘green’ house. According to the forecasts of the leading federal agencies, as well as the National Association of Realtors and National Association of Builders, in the coming three years the demand for ‘green’ homes will increase to 70% of the total market sales, and in the next 10 years is expected to complete the transition to build houses on ‘green’ technologies. Today heating and cooling our homes and offices, we use 40 percent of all energy consumed by us. Mindlessly consume, we throw in the atmosphere that surrounds us and 40 percent of carbon than endlessly and forever pollute it, a fact it was even worse.

Is no secret that homes built in the so-called ‘penultimate Technologies’ energy consumption by 50 percent less than homes built in the first half of last century. If people have a choice, they prefer to live in ‘green’, eco-friendly homes, while saving money on electricity and water. As the Government has already introduced legislation to promote ‘green’ building tax breaks and other incentives to attract more customers in the future v’zelenye ‘home. Builders ‘green’ homes osnaschyayut their high technology, including plumbing, electrical appliances. Irrigation systems are made using modern technologies, can reduce the amount of irrigation water in the landscaping of the site. For the production of insulating materials using organic or recycled materials, along with paint and decorating materials, creating products that use does not emit polluting chemicals. The path that develops building ‘green’ homes today – clean, meets the requirements of the ADA.

What – only one way, and it will be ‘green’ unless we want to do so. If we choose to make our families lived in homes with good-quality clean air inside and outside. If only we ourselves this want to … We can only understand and want. Good luck! Gennady Kiselev.