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First of all, you need to know that the material for paving garden paths should be combined with the appearance of the house. This will give your garden a unique look. The width of the tracks should not exceed 0.8 meters. Whereas previously the main materials were stones, which were extracted directly in the place where the fit, but now a variety of material that is suitable for paving high. But it is more difficult to separate designers in the right combinations of elements of landscape design.

It should be remembered that the paving of the garden paths with small materials (brick, tile, etc.) is more expensive than laying large slabs. But the fine materials allow you to make a path bizarre forms with an interesting pattern. As we explained in previous articles, it is better to direct uniform garden paths. Another disadvantage of large slabs of laying tracks, is their common sawing and fitting sizes, and a large consumption of materials and extra time-consuming. tracks tiles emphasizes the symmetry of the plot, due to the mosaic form.

Ideal place of brick, is the construction of walkways and curbs. For paving the garden paths as well use and granite paving. From it pretty well round decision. The easiest way is paving the gravel. His sleep in a prepared place, framed by a border. After filling his rams. Smooth concrete slabs can be used for paving the open terraces, they will be more convenient to place garden furniture. Another solution for your garden will be a track from the Garden parquet.