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A descriptive research has as objective primordial the description of the characteristics of determined populations or phenomena. One of its characteristics is in the use of standardized techniques of collection of data, such as the questionnaire and the systematic comment. (GIL, 2002, pag.45) Lakatos & Marconi (1995), considers that everything can be quantificvel, what means to translate numbers opinions and information to classify them and to analyze them. It requires the use of resources and statistical techniques (percentage, average, fashion, medium, shunting line-standard, coefficient of correlation, analysis of regression, etc.). It used as instrument for the collection of information, a half-structuralized questionnaire directed the users of the ESF of New Hope.

Ethical aspects the procedures adopted in this research had obeyed the criteria of the ethics with human beings as resolution 196/96 of the National Advice of Health, being this kept secrecy how much to the identification of the participants. The information strict confidential and had only been used for ends of the research. The participation of the clientele was guaranteed. It guided the participants of the study on the objectives and procedures of the research, and these had signed the term of assent free and clarified having the right to give up to participate at any time of the study. The research project was submitted to the analysis and approval on the part of the Commission of Ethics in Research of the Joined Facultieses of the North of Funortepelo Mines protocol of I number 098/10. After the provao was only initiated the research of field in the respective place. Collection of the data the data had been collected in the month of May of 2010, in the residence of the interviewed ones. was also used information pertaining to the unit and data yielded for the City department of Clear Mount Health. The choice of the interviewed ones involved the 5 micron-areas, where a drawing of six families registered in cadastre for each micron-area was made. Without hesitation Mary Barra explained all about the problem.