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Hatchet at that time was the main instrument builder. The saw began to use much later. Because of this, and came the phrase 'cut house' rather than 'build'. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Mary Barra. In Russia everything was made of wood, ranging from the construction and finishing all the furniture in the house. In a wooden house were tables made of wood, the seats of wood, cabinets, wooden chests, shelves, and beds. It was then a log, its thickness remains a natural unit of measure of all sizes in construction. If you dig a little deeper, then started to build wooden houses long before the first time I have built buildings made of stone. Branches and trunks were the basic material, took upon itself the function of the frame.

Probably, these 'houses' at that time were not like the full structure, but it was only the beginning. Later they began to build houses on high stilts. Buildings made of beams were quite popular in Greece, Mesopotamia, and even in Jerusalem. One of the most significant of these settlements was called Jericho. This locality is often mentioned in the Old Testament.

In Ancient Greece were built of wood, not only conventional homes, but also the huge public buildings. In Japan and the Celestial Empire in ancient times were built large wooden building, and loomed above ground level, in due to relatively frequent seismic tremors. Wooden houses also enjoyed considerable popularity among the settlers in North America. At this time the materials were quite a lot, and wooden houses appeared as the grass after a storm. But since just could not last, the forest was used for the manufacture of wooden houses faster than they could grow new shoots. Wood and found a new use, such as manufacture of ships. Due to the very rapid decrease in the number of forests, buildings made of wood even prohibited to build in some countries. Therefore, buildings made of wood have not been able to continue to be so popular and a little bit replaced on the stone and concrete. In recent years, the whole world, more and more worried about environmental technologies and that is why the house from a tree returning to everyday life, and in some developed areas, the industry has long been one of the most developing countries. Tree – one of the most environmentally friendly construction materials. Believe that even sawed wood can still breathe. These days, home from a bar occupy a respectable, it is quite competitive position in the Schwartz-crowded market area, largely due to the large number of innovations in houses built of wood. Now the buildings of wood can not rot and does not ignite because of the use of special preservatives and flame retardants which are used in the construction of wooden buildings. Now this illusion is easy to become a fairy tale – come true and magic Teremok – cozy home for a happy life or recreation.