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Not if it could considers it a scientific knowledge, until it was, as it was, tested and proven. In the Classic Antiquity, all knowing age object of the philosophy. Enrico Pattaro, of the University of Bologna, on the emancipation of particular sciences previously tutored people for the philosophy, if thus express: ' ' A sample of the slowness of we find it the process where also at next times we, as to be centuries XV to the XVII, discipline of the type of the physics or biology if they still considered parts of the natural Philosophy, and of it a next certification persists still more in the fact, remembered for M. Schlick, of that still in our days some university chairs of theoretical Physics if call officially chair of ' ' philosophy natural' '. Only in a more recent period, between ends of XVIII and the beginnings of XX, psychology that until then was a branch of the philosophy that dealt with scarce success to understand the acts and human thoughts were broken up of the philosophical corpus, which, inobstante, remained on, in some countries, of the academic point of view, until principles of century XX.' ' 4.6. – Its method and its logic.

The philosophical knowledge has its method and its logic. The method is the argumentativo, and the logical one is the critical persuation of the judgments, resulted of one the rational dialectic. The proposal is submitted to a critical bombing, that starts with the doubt and finishes with the exhausting analysis that all includes the confrontation with the phenomena of the objective reality and the universe of acquired knowledge. For this it is indispensable to not only examine the judgments formulated with the global conception of the reality, as with the facts known or deductible for comparison and agreement. 4.7– Which, then, the criterion of evaluation of a judgment or one philosophical proposal, to conclude of its validity, the validatio cognitionis? In this field of the philosophical knowledge, one does not work with laws nor with truths you demonstrated.