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The autumn wind never was so welcome, needed deforas and wisdom to decide what to make now. It had little time to decide, it counted the family ousimplesmente would leave for world thus carrying through one its loucosdevaneios ones, those that costumava to have when it was sad or it had fought comalgum or it was gotten depressed. It prepared a luggage quickly while it thought: – For quemala, if I go to leave and to venture themselves for the world? It left the luggage on of the bed eolhando for remembered finishes possibility that had of living a passion, aquelehomem that it knew in the interminable line of the bank, in one morning where &#039 seemed quetodos; ' sistemas' ' of the world they were conspiring in favor of that meeting. While employee they organized lines and they gave explicaes respect of the fall of the system, people complaining and had until crianaschorando, the look of the two if it found, in a wave of feelings without explicaoracional. For it was as if somebody had reencontrado that has very novia, somebody next thing and wanted and of some way felt that for it was amesma thing, or at least he wanted that he was.

Fortunately, perhaps, the types of accounts that went to pay eramiguais and had finished in the same line, one in the front it another one. As they knew that it would tudoseria slow, they had relaxed and there it was easy to initiate a colloquy, to pass tempoe who knows to discover more on that sensation that dominated Fil since queseus looks if they had crossed. It seemed that tempotinha motionless, had talked above all and they had not been surprised at the fact of we will have taste similar in many things. When it arrived house it did not believe that they had changed telephone eficaram to combine a meeting, for a coffee, exactly believing that it would jamaisligaria.