Month: <span>November 2017</span>

Karl Ritter had great performance in the diffusion of Geography in the teaching. It was professor of the two gegrafos that had given to Geography a more scientific matrix: Frederic Ratzel and Elise Reclus (ANDRADE, 1998). The establishment of Geography in the universities of the Europe Occidental person occurred, the serious one, in it finishes quarter of century XIX. The government of the Prssia started for creating chairs in its university in the decade of 1870, being soon followed for France and Switzerland (FORBES, 1989). The study of Geography it was faced in considerable Germany as of meaning for the success of the country and had given much emphasis to the education of the substance to the officers of the army. The factor most important to affirm the utility of Geography was the expansion of the colonial empires, occured at this time. Geography was developed in parallel with the imperialism.

At the same time where it folloied the great developments, being, also benefited with new information, Geography was used as justification for the domination of the colonized peoples. Thus, for example, the peoples of the hot, tropical regions were considered submissos e, if the Europeans enslaved them this if he had to the typical valentia of the hemisphere North. According to this explanation, the man was definitive for the way, from there the Determinismo denomination that identified these ideas, applicable to some branches of the knowledge. To put, when Geography ' ' if emancipou' ' , that is, when the basic conditions so that one became discipline autonomous worker were satisfied, the Determinismo coexisted other chains of geographic analysis: however the physical space was more important, however the populations; however the valuation of the quantitative data (KOZEL and FILIZOLA, 1996). In the school, the geographic knowledge were transmitted in unconscious way, for diverse discipline, as the sociology, that studied the relations human beings in the cities and the agricultural zone.


Jalisco is one of the major States in the Mexican Republic in various sectors such as economic, political, social and indeed religious. It is well known, at least for the inhabitants of the State, that there is a great religious sentiment towards Catholicism, in Jalisco, which is present in our daily lives. We can see it from the first hours of the day when the merchant takes its first coins and is persina a way of thanks, to phrases of relief as thank God it’s Friday or if God wants. Of course, that these expressions alone do not show how attached people to religion. Long processions to distant places, characterized by the mandas from the faithful, are one of the main features that define the religiosity of the jalisciense, being the biggest of them the pilgrimage. San Juan de los Lagos and Talpa processions are other samples of the faith of the jalisciense. However, these examples are radical points, if we can say so, since in everyday life it is very little people who practice their religion every day, and not only on Sundays from 6 to 7 pm if you go not through a good game of football, or at least that is my perception. These expressions of faith are living specimen in our State we have a purely religious culture that is hard to deny.

It could fall into the mistake of thinking that Jalisco is mocho (term given to people, especially men, who are notable for being very dedicated to religion) due to these demonstrations, but the truth is that it is simply left in a religious status. The processions and acts of faith above occur sporadically each year but only one day is required for make feel the fervor and passion towards Catholicism. In these days of the year is when normally religious people end up polled in their processions, and not the fact that tiredness affects their physical integrity, but because specifically during this journey accompanied by chants, prayers and praises elevate his fervor to its maximum point and not let that nothing prevents them from reaching their goal: thank its Patron Saint by some received favor or simply to venerate it.


Change of House is a complicated task and involves a large investment, and to winterize it several factors must be considered for a good result. If you are in this situation, you may wish you know how to make your new home a nice home. Depending on certain elections, for example, that furniture are consistent between them or that the color of the walls and decor have a good harmony, your home can have a sad environment or prove to be somewhere nice and suited to your needs. If it is reported and aseosra properly, this task that can be somewhat complicated, can become a nice road and can bring great results. To help you in the choice of furniture suited to your new home, we detail below some ideas to keep in mind.If you do not encounter problems after you have purchased some furniture that involve a style and a composition in particular, you must have in mind what wants to invest to winterize your new home.

Depending on the material of the furniture, you can vary greatly for the same price. If we take as an example the most common materials, such as wood, we know that they have a more economical cost than other less common such as skin, metal or Wicker materials.Even, to further adjust the prices, you can think in the multifunctional furniture so-called, which allow to have the properties of two or more furniture in one single lower cost. The most common examples we can find would be a sofa or a bed with large drawers underneath. But, first and foremost, do not lose sight that the quality will determine the durability of the furniture. So if you want to save money to medium and long term, with some quality furniture will prevent need to change them often, for example, couches that plunge the area of greater use, or chairs that give one leg rather than another.After calculating your budget, it is the time to think about the environment or reason for their rooms.

This is very important when choosing furniture, since it will make possible that parts show a balance. You want a nice home where you, your family and your future guests feel comfortable. Do you want modern or antique furniture? Are you looking for a traditional or contemporary environment?You can find furniture in line with the ideas and options of magazines and exhibition halls. This will allow you to give an overview about the main reason and know if you like the general prespective. Finally, if you just do not find ideas, do not hesitate to ask for professional help. The departments of decoration shops or independent designers are people with good vision.A House is a great investment, and if one wants to live in it for a long time is necessary to feel comfortable and find it elegant. Buy furniture does not have to be difficult, especially when you are well advised with everything you need and need to know.Mobles Web you can learn different options to decorate your new House. You can also view alternatives in folding beds available on the web.


In conventional stores information about products not so much always have to pull consultants, asking them stupid questions. But rather it often happens that when the consultants themselves and really do not know which product provide. In the shops tend to these problems do not exist, then you can find out all the details about the product. There is another small but not insignificant fad in favor of the Internet – shops. Every mother knows how hard it is to walk with your child to the store, the little fidget requires constant attention to myself and my mother just hard to concentrate on buying, because the child needs constant care, which then break up, cast it upon themselves or God forbid, lost. Naturally, the online store so no problem. Now the network can buy almost anything – from food to furniture, from the laptop to the car.

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