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Partition can be colored, picking up the color in harmony with the general color bedrooms, or, conversely, to make it a contrasting color, then it will be a bright spot in the interior decoration. For walls, you can also use the mobile roller screens, which are thin frame of metal, which stretched translucent fabric. Or, for example, make a partition of frosted glass in a wooden frame, this wall itself will serve as interior decoration. But you never know different options are able to create vyshi taste and imagination. And if a professional designer prepares an apartment, then he will offer you a choice of possible options in your case, the device mini-dressing room. And you can be sure that the interior of your bedroom will krasiv and convenient. As a 'filling' a robing room will suit mobile roller shelving metallicheskie lightweight that can be put forward as needed or, conversely, move in more compact design. Various types of racks are offered and clothes hangers for the best option for you in size and price.

If the size of the apartment can, of course, better to arrange separate room for storage and clothes. Psychologists, for example, believe that such a dressing room mobilizes and helps to focus and even find spiritual peace. By the way, they are also advised to share a dressing room room for male and female parts. Architects recommend a standard closet, isolated, usually from 6 to 8 square meters. Have it better next to the bathroom or bedroom.


Moving is three fires? Perhaps there is a considerable number of people who answer this question in the affirmative, thus agreeing with the folk wisdom. In arguing his point of view, all the "victim" of moving lament that as a result of this unfortunate event for them, some things have been lost forever, while others can not be restored. In response to this can absolutely not hesitate to declare that such a sad experience is due entirely to only illiterate or lack of organization moving it as such. After all of the correct formulation of the move depends on the fate and life of all that is acquired back-breaking labor. Rules of good The preparation of the move the move the furniture and all the things required for 1-2 weeks. In general, moving the furniture – always a rather laborious process, especially for the uninitiated people.

But everything that happens in the first time, so for those who faced with this for the first time, as well as for those who have not yet learned by bitter experience, we present the rules of compliance, which will avoid problems with the move. 1) First of all – sort So here it is time to say goodbye to the old apartment / house / office. In such a situation most of us will just collect everything that comes their way in what they believe is suitable for transporting things. But first would have to deal with the enormous of all that has accumulated over the years of residence in their homes.


Purpose of upholstered furniture since its origin has been and remains the same: to meet human needs in home comfort. Today's furniture is allocated a wide variety of models and manufacturers of upholstered furniture continue to constantly expand their selection of goods. Get more background information with materials from Charles Schwab Corporation . However, few of us will choose for your home or apartment is too expensive exclusive product. The most frequently used variants of upholstered furniture are the usual chair and sofas, sofa beds, bedroom, and others. In our time in the manufacture of upholstered furniture are widely used, both natural and synthetic materials. More preferred for use as a filler are natural materials from plants and animals, upholstered furniture, containing such a filler is supplied with labels bio or ivf. Among the large number of natural fillers, occupies a special place latex material produced from rubber wood. As a synthetic fillers are used these types of materials: polyurethane, synthetic feathers, foam and padding polyester.

Polyurethane is the most flexible of these above materials, so that it is usually used in the manufacture of upholstered furniture of unusual forms. For even more opinions, read materials from Mary Barra. Due to the low thermal conductivity of artificial fluff, so-called hollofayber widely used for production upholstered furniture in countries with harsh climates. Least durable filler is polyurethane block, known as foam. The most appropriate option is to use syntepon as filler, because he is also excellent thermal characteristics, does not cause allergies. Manufacturer of upholstered furniture begins with the assembly of a rigid frame assembled from wood or metal, which were respectively treated with antiseptic or special structure that protects the metal from corrosion.

Requirements for quality and reliability of furniture are quite high, and manufacturers of upholstered furniture must comply with them. Complexes of upholstered furniture for trains and planes contain special fillers. As well as fillers, upholstery of modern upholstered furniture can be natural or artificial. Natural materials for upholstery fabric and leather are. Upholstery used high-quality types of tissues. This rule is necessary even for cheap furniture, intended for public use. However, the more expensive furniture, more expensive and upholstery fabrics used in its production, the most expensive models have the finishing of leather or silk. Current manufacturers of upholstered furniture produce furniture, coated with a special flock upholstery that easily resists aggressive behavior Pets animals, and furniture upholstery shinila an ideal for those suffering from allergies. Alcantara has a special place among synthetic upholstery: the elasticity is not inferior to natural leather. Principles of care upholstered furniture are stated by the manufacturer, but is also common to all the rules. Common, for example include a ban on the jump seats of chairs or sitting on the couch.


Children's Chairs are usually not included in the sales package of children's furniture, so it is sold separately. This is the thing that get particularly with regard to age and growth of the child. If your child is in school and considerable most of his time at his desk, the chair must take the most comfortable contributing to plodovornoy rabote.Stol dektskuyu table must also be calculated under the child's age. You to select the desired child height table seated him on a chair, bend your elbows ask the right angle, measure the height from floor to elbow. This height should be at the table. You might also consider tables with adjustable nozhkami.Hranenie things to storage used in children's furniture such as: cabinets, closets, nightstands, dressers, those same tables, racks, shelves and the like. That is almost everything that includes furniture. We all know that children rather moving little people.

So as not to interfere with their natural needs of their age, the furniture in the room should be located as compact as possible. And should contain as less sharp corners and breakable items. If you decide to put the wardrobe, try to make it as short as possible potentially traumatic for the child. If you want to bring one out the door coupe was a mirror, then punctuate it with a paste dividers to make it more durable. For even more details, read what Gavin Baker says on the issue. Just-in wardrobe may have an additional section – external lateral rounded shelves. They can post pictures, toys and more. Locker can be detached and attached part of any section.


Company 'Finamar: Spanish Furniture' offers the lowest retail prices in Moscow furniture factories leading Spanish Panamarev (Panamar); Finamar (Finamar), Mobaks (Mobax), Vicente Montoro (Vicent Montoro). Factory MUEBLES PANAMAR SL was founded in 1973 and deals with the most beginning of the production and sale of individual pieces of furniture in the classic, neoclassic and modern style. Infrastructure factory occupies 30,000 m2 of which 24.000 m2 are allocated to the production of our products and the remaining 6,000 m2 designed as a warehouse, which is available virtually complete range of catalog in all standard colors that can meet the needs of our partners on our product quality, and speed execution of orders. Continuous improvement of quality-price ratio allowed MUEBLES PANAMAR SL to become one of the leading Spanish manufacturers of auxiliary furniture, with a large share of exports of its products and plans to increase it in coming years. In the 90s there was a demand for furniture made of solid pine and in 1995 the company was born MUEBLES FINAMAR SL, range is constantly expanded and supplemented. Currently in production based on a modular program and hallways. We develop our own designs in such lines as commodes, consoles, mirrors, coffee tables, cabinets and TV Hi-Fi, obuvnitsy, offices, secretaries at the highest possible quality. Range increased with each year, both through new models, and by the appearance of new lines.

For our production we use materials produktsiimy top quality beech own dry, natural veneer cherry, walnut, wheat. In the manufacturing process uses the latest technology with digital control for quick and more efficiently the execution of orders. Our products are hand picked and then passes control to lakopokraskoy to ensure quality of materials used. To ensure the quality of the process we use lakopokraski the latest technology, "Cabin Pressure" to maintain humidity, cleanliness and a constant temperature regardless of the time , at all stages of the process of drying of our products. The Spanish factory Mobaks (Mobax): wall units, bedrooms, hallways, cabinets, dressers, coffee tables, cabinets, windows, corner windows, living room, mirrors, hangers, racks, bookshelves cabinets, chests, tables, dining, desks, library chairs.

Elite Spanish furniture factory Vicent Montoro, made of solid wood and natural wood veneer: walnut, olive, beech, ash, cherry and other pulsatile The factory is famous for his skilful handling of the tree and creating beautiful textures and interesting patterns that led to the Spanish elite furniture Vicente Montoro, resembling more the art, rather than just furniture. Cover varnish, as well as gold leaf are applied by hand with a pattern that gives each model, exclusivity and uniqueness. The factory has always been famous for handmade artists and craftsmen. Color: (nut – Leg – Nogal – Walnut), (walnut root – rais – Raiz), (cherry – in – Serezo – Cherry), (mahogany – Caoba – Mahogany), (ivory-blanco-wite) As well as a joint Russian-Spanish enterprises' Dana '(Dana): a series of' Paris '(Paris),' Vienna '(Viena),' Atlanta '(Atlanta),' Empire '(Imperia). Free shipping firm, lift. Warranty – 2 goda.Vsegda everything is available, payment for the furniture upon delivery and sborki.Dostavka and Build is made within 1-2 working days, or by the zakazchika.Prodazha from a warehouse in Moscow without a trade margin, wholesale, retail, delivery in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the shipment to the regions.


Minimum required distance between two facing jobs equals the distance that allows two people and provides easy handling with kitchen appliances. Cabinet for products used where next to the kitchen pantry no. Besides the classical type cabinets with shelves and doors are now turning increasingly being used in more modern types of food cabinets with pull-out containers and shelves. Food cupboards should have good ventilation, and the most modern of them even has a temperature control and built-in lighting lamps. Optimal conditions for labor creates a combination of work surfaces, you can work standing or sitting. Convenient operation costing provide jobs boards, located at 85 – 90 cm in any kitchen most space is required for placing furniture products, kitchen utensils and all sorts of devices. Cupboards and other items of modern kitchen furniture, usually coordinated modular, allowing different combine technical equipment kitchen. Thanks to the elaborate system of combining sets of sectional furniture suitable for both large and for small kitchens.

Dimensions and method of opening the lockers should be adapted to the size, shape and artistic concept kitchen. Large doors are impractical, because when you open takes up too much space. Along with classic lockers now appeared cabinets with roll-up or hinged doors especially suitable for use at the top of the kitchen area. Modern cabinets kits allow you to use any part of the space. Lack of containers for storage in a small kitchens can be partially offset by the back of the space between the upper and lower kitchen cabinets line.

Studies have shown that the working surface is practically used only in half or even one-third of its front part, the remaining area is used only on a case by case basis. Therefore, in the delimited back of the board can be arranged lockers for storage of spices, coffee makers and other kitchen appliances. Modern high-tech kitchen no longer do without a dishwasher located under the working board to the left of sink or separately installed near the kitchen line. Using a dishwasher saves not only time but also water and energy. In the vicinity of the washing center have waste containers or sorted organic and inorganic waste. In the modern kitchen lines such tanks are integrated with sink, forming a so-called musoropriemny Center kitchen. Waste coming from the working surface of the hole in the center of the washer, and then – to the appropriate collection of waste. Hole in the sink and the collection of organic waste have closing lids.


As we have seen in the stores, vendors spread their wares on shelves in large quantities, so that the buyer had the opportunity to review all of this, because when there is a choice, the more likely that goods will be purchased. But this accumulation of different products can be observed not only in stores, such as in warehouses, too, is important enough for the product to be involved in less space, so it is stuffing the shelves as compact as possible. But such pressure, Each maintains no furniture. But to do so came up with special furniture that bears the name of the shelving of the CPD, but he may not be the only particle board. Rack made of chipboard – this is a unique furniture, which allows you to store different things in large quantities, and at the same time, allows him to be seen. Such furniture is used almost everywhere, warehouses, offices, supermarkets, houses and so on.

Sam shelves, manufacturers are made from a variety of materials, but the most basic is chipboard and metal. The first is used for not very large loads, but the second, for sufficiently large. Also, the maximum weight that can withstand the rack depends on the thickness of the material and the type of shelf support. When you decide to purchase shelving, you will need to take into consideration the following questions you should ask the seller and get the answers. The first thing you need to know what size it has a rack and what size you need. It's worth knowing that the height of the shelf, can be quite varied, from 1 meter to 4. The best variant is only two meters wide, as in this case, to the very top shelf, a man of medium height, can reach without problems. If the rack is needed for the warehouse, and there is a ladder, you can buy a rack for up to 4 meters and above.

Next, you need to know about the strength of the rack. In other words, how many can take over this furniture. This is determined by various factors, which has a thickness of material used in the rack, which has a construction arm and a shelf and so on. On average, the rack can accept up to 250 pounds.


In conventional stores information about products not so much always have to pull consultants, asking them stupid questions. But rather it often happens that when the consultants themselves and really do not know which product provide. In the shops tend to these problems do not exist, then you can find out all the details about the product. There is another small but not insignificant fad in favor of the Internet – shops. Every mother knows how hard it is to walk with your child to the store, the little fidget requires constant attention to myself and my mother just hard to concentrate on buying, because the child needs constant care, which then break up, cast it upon themselves or God forbid, lost. Naturally, the online store so no problem. Now the network can buy almost anything – from food to furniture, from the laptop to the car.

I would like to stay on furniture stores online, because the choice of furniture – it's quite a serious step. Buying a sofa, a wardrobe or even a coffee table furniture we choose more than one year. Furniture is the shop Nadommebel – this is practical, and a good quality furniture for many years. Here you can buy furniture for children and a living room, office furniture and cottages. All you have to at least – go to our website to see the directory and choose furniture that love to you and your household. Internet furniture store home furnishings at trying to get better, we always pay attention to your needs, you can send directly from the site. Easy selection, fast delivery, a reliable company, customer support, quality assurance: Shop Furniture at home mebel.ru – Your compass in the world of furniture.


Fixtures online store … How to choose a lamp in the online store? because we all know it’s hard to choose a lamp, chandelier, wall lamp, floor lamp or on the photo. Of course photos can not fully convey colors and lighting effects. Of course there are classic versions of lights where you have to look at the picture, to know the size and hardly seen is very different from the original. But what about the more modern models. where it creates a play of color and design refinements.

Adorned with LEDs, they look very modestly to photo, and quite another to live. But in the online store fixtures all much cheaper than in any network and on the market a lot … Why? It’s not just the absence of sekret.Kak exhibition halls, numerous staff and allows online stores offer their goods at a price much lower. What to do? You can certainly see lamp in a store and buy it internete.Dlya this article should be written and then search through the Internet to find your favorite model. but what if there is no lamp in the store that you like so you online! And this is more than possible. How many chandeliers, floor lamps and sconces you see in the biggest hypermarket network? A hundred? Two hundred ..? (This is unlikely) well, even three hundred! (A maximum). In the online store fixtures Global illumination for more than three thousand lights and range is constantly growing and obnovlyaetsya.Zaydite to the site and see … So how can that be?.

Exit est.Prezhde only need to call the online store and see if there is a chance to see the goods live. if not, you should ask the store manager to send better foto.Obychno site are small pictures that have been compressed for faster loading pages, but the store has better quality and catalog photos. as many buyers are afraid that buying a product online store, they will not get warranty on the lamp. This zabluzhdenie.K each chandelier or sconce purchased online store receipt be attached with the seal of the company. This is the same guarantee that we get in stores. Moreover, about finding a factory to you without marriage examinations will change the lamp. (As opposed to supermarketa.gde it will take a lot of time.) Published in the online shop to buy not only vygodno.no and more convenient than in stores. And of course the choice is not only modeley.no and manufacturers makes your choice of online store Global illumination more fun and interesting.


Where do you start buying, installing and assembling the kitchen? Initially, we consider the room where it will be our kitchen. Do repairs at this point? Curved walls, uneven floors, lack of face-lift – not the best options for installation of furniture for kitchens, as well as the general form must match what was intended design. Now pay attention to communication carried out in the kitchen, namely the withdrawal of electrical, water, sewage, Breather. Eliminate all the defects in advance – supplement, design, or re-perform electrical work with the cable and installing outlets provide sanitary liner vody.Podgotovka room. What does it do? Assembling kitchen furniture is directly proportional to technical solutions in the kitchen area as well as connecting equipment, installing sinks and hoods must conform to the plan of arrangement of furniture. Curvature complicates the installation of floor elements of the lower level kitchen, with small drops in the horizontal floor in kitchen you can use the leveling feet.

Roughness of the walls complicates Fit tops and portion of shelves. In the rough proportions of the room in the best case, you may need to use attachments and modifications during the installation of kitchen furniture, which would entail the material and time costs, and at worst – the lack of symmetry, uneven gaps, the gap between the compounds (in our practice it – a rarity, usually 'way out'). Make plans, do not forget to celebrate the architectural features of the room, heating radiators, doorways, the presence of gas and water pipes. It is advisable to entrust the project professional gager measurements, and the balance of kitchen furniture – by qualified designers. From the payment of your order and delivery of furniture to take a while – try to prepare for assembly: complete repairs in the kitchen or to dismantle the old kitchen (although the removal of the kitchen can do, and our master). Carefully checking number of packages during shipping furniture, glass, inspect items in a set of kitchen furniture, check availability furnitury.Ustanovka. Assembly itself is food for one or two days and made professional kitchen garbage or two masters of our organization. We not only build and weighed cuisine, but also connect the equipment, install the sink, run the electrical work, to alter the geometry furniture boxes. Supplement, as needed, specialized accessories (ties, screws, dowels, plugs). Trusting the professionals, your kitchen will look presentable and functional work.