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The absence of a trademark in these communities is like saying to a consumer: thank you, but do not want to know your opinion of me. The figure of the community manager, roles and responsibilities the conception itself of what is a Community Manager is not yet clear, and from different perspectives, that can be considered complementary, split the definitions that have been given to date. However, it is taken into account that it is a concept that is still evolving. Davinia Suarez, Rapporteur of the first National Conference of community leaders (Spain, 2010) and community manager of the Spanish newspaper La Provincia says that a community manager is above all a facilitator of communities and the eyes and ears of the company on the Internet, should know to create affective links and humanize the brand to reach the users/consumers, but must also be attentive to that other (users or competition) does not destroy the brand image or the prestige of the organization. Connie Bensen (United States, 2008), strategist for communities, said that the community Manager externally, is the voice of the company, and internally, the voice of the customer. The value lies in acting as a hub, and have the ability to connect personally with customers (humanizing the company), and provide feedback or feedback to many internal departments (development, public relations, marketing, service desk, technical support, etc).

AERCO (Spain, 2009) defines it as a responsible or responsible person of sustain, enhance and, in some ways, defending the company’s relations with its customers in the digital realm, thanks to the knowledge of the needs and the strategic approaches of the Organization and the interests of customers. A person who knows the goals and act accordingly to achieve them..


It removes the Peru of the marinada one, dries and it stuffs papo and the belly, closing with line or string, besunte with 50 butter g, places in assadeira lined with the slices of pineapple, has led approximately to the low oven for 5 hours. THIGHS OF PERU To the CAADORA* mallet of perforated parsleys 2 perforated onions 2 broth tablets of beicon esfarelados 2000 g of thighs of Peru 300 g of sliced mushrooms 5 tomatoes without skins and 500 seeds ml of dry white wine 6 perforated teeth of garlic Flour of wheat Oil of soy Pepper of the kingdom in dust the taste Salt the taste With a metallic needle of tric pierces the thighs until the bones, with care for does not disarrange them, later tempers with pepper and salt the taste, to follow empane in the flour and fries in the hot oil for return of 15 minutes or the taste, reserving. In the same frying-pan or pan with the remaining portion of the fritura, refogue the broth garlic, onion and tablets until starting to dourar, to follow places the mushrooms and leaves to dry the water that frees, later places the wine, the tomatoes, the parsleys, the thighs, 200 ml of water, covers and leaves to cook until amolecerem the meats, will have necessity adds water. SALPICO OF CHEST OF CHESTER* mallet of perforated parsleys 1 perforated onion 1 great green mace cut in small cubes 1 bundle of garlic I fry (40 g) 1 chest of chester cooked and unweaving 1 small pot of maionese (250 g) 100 worn out torradas 100 thick cashew chestnut g and g of 100 perforated ham g of 50 perforated cheese mosarela oats g in 50 flakes g of 50 sesame seeds ml of wine tinto dry Pepper of the kingdom in dust the taste Salt the taste In a container mixes all the ingredients with a wood spoon and has very led well to the coolant for at least 2 hours.


As education Turbo use abroad. Why fail because so many young people? All returnees have positively changed. It is best when returning to watch: it starts at the body language (upright, bright eyes, friendly broadcasting) and shows later, especially when the multicultural understanding. Such experiences like customization, exploration of new cultures and feel experience to be foreign, have shaped the returnees. Students return to longer-term stays abroad and the course has been set in the right direction. But that doesn’t mean that they now can sit back.

But it is much easier, because the setting is correct and the returnees have become even more resilient. What other classmates or colleagues see all problems, not often for Auslandserfahrene. The personality not present evolved in a rush, because they have had to make many decisions, even abroad, as parents and friends were. In addition, they could rediscover themselves, without their family on the side, and redefine. This development also, many on their return to build up a new circle of friends shows most. The folks back home are still sitting just”. The funding pots of EU for education abroad and the State were still never so bulging as it is today.

Unfortunately most parents or young people don’t know it but. In addition, most foreign planners know the envy factor sets: you can’t finance it at all? So I could not afford that! So, what can be done, that more young people take a trip abroad on their educational path? What is missing the parties of information or is missing a direct contact? Is it the funding? Or there is the fear that your child abroad could fail or something happens to him at parents? Experiences, opinions and views on this subject are interested in not only students and students but also parents who must press mostly financing. Information, Tips and hints to abroad, including funding opportunities: is bildungsdoc education service and guidance for schools, parents, students, trainees, graduates, students and adults. Find all here is simple and fast unbiased information on educational topics, education, training providers and educational institutions. Matching funding, including funding programs will be presented to all training. Including grants (money gifts) and/or low-interest loans can be. There are neutral information, hints and tips for trips abroad, school, study, vocational training, job search and training. Contact: bildungsdoc AP: Horst beef Theodor Friedrich WEG 4 01279 Dresden E-Mail: Internet:


The origins of English language goes far back into the past. In the 1 millennium bc Britain was inhabited by Celts (Gauls) – the ancient Indo-European tribes. Most of the British Isles conquered by the Romans, and to 5-6 centuries of our era Britain subjugated Anglo-Saxons. Several areas were not captured (Mountain Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Kornoull). In these areas, to preserve local languages (Welsh and Gaelic), which exist today and called Celtic.

7-10 centuries ad formed the Anglo-Saxon nation, which is absorbed and the cultural elements of the Celts. Then came to Britain Scandinavians (Vikings), who spoke Old Norse language. Later, in 1066 the land of England had been conquered the French. Thus, the language and culture of the Anglo-Saxons were mixed with the Danes, Norwegians and French – hence originate British nationality. French conquest of England is strongly affected the language spoken at that time by the British. Almost two thousand years French was the language spoken by the English aristocrats and English as the language was circulated only among the common people. This led to that in the lexicon of the English language, a host of French expressions and vocabulary of the language is already included twice as many words.

Vocabulary of English was divided in two: in it, along with the words of the German origin was used French vocabulary. It feels very good today. Resulting from the use of two languages to date is that in English there are many synonyms, which identical in meaning, but different in sound.


This day should remind the office blooming garden. Flowers from the air or helium balloons should be on every woman's desk, and even more original look will be a garden of flowers polutorametrovy height! Each employee will be photographed in an embrace with such a flower. A small bouquet for every woman and girl at the end of the holiday corporate dinner – as selfless corporate pledge of love! Victory Day – the day of great joy. We would be pleased if the company share this joy with us, and we will celebrate this day together. In this festival would be appropriate to design in the corporate colors, garlands on the walls of the balloons in the color of St. George's ribbons. Gold star balloons, stars with patriotic symbols and camouflage ball in the red corner, or just on the table in a meeting room will serve as a symbol of the unity of the universal grief of the victims. Professional holidays are not strictly corporate, but all staff will be pleased that they are valued as professionals if their congratulations to the professional holiday.

Day cooks can figure noted chef of balloons. Day trading employee hang from the ceiling, helium-colored balls with the inscription "Congratulations" and distribute bouquets to the thematic spheres. Teacher's Day, the day of a lawyer, accountant day day manager – all professional holidays can be arranged balls, the main show imagination and smekalku.Den birth employee. Nowadays, the main thing to keep in mind that the team consists of individuals. Every employee is a person with interests, with unique abilities. We We know that leadership is not forgotten, we will make all efforts for the success of the company. On his birthday, we are particularly in need of attention from the team.

Thematic decoration balls in the light of hobbies celebrant will be more than appropriate. Fishing, knitting, travel, artistic or just gay character in all of these topics are balls. Funny clowns, falgirovannye yachts, air kisses, animals from balloons. The main maximum information about the hero for the day and not to limit their fantaziyu.Dizayn studio "Naduvanchik 'happy to help you with this.