Month: <span>June 2017</span>

When we were there above, uploaded on their branches, inert, almost without breathe so that nobody discovered us, witnessed the superb miracle of seeing how the hours spent as fast as the seconds on the clock of our joys. What short was time in this era when the universe was thousand times Groove of the swallows in the sky cleared our summer afternoons and the world was a dry leaf in its slow fall toward the bare floor of our revered desert. Without much effort, you could see the arrival and departure of airplanes and helicopters at the airport named patron; or the extraordinary moves of the players at the stadium; or the divining arts of the three mediums domiciled in the vicinity; or the desagraciada face of White House, the bar of the poor prostitutes, defeated by age and hunger.

Them, who made untold efforts to avoid their customers enlagunados by whisky repent of having hired. Or the puticas de Las Musas, the bar of the rich, flat stomach, radiant face and the seductive smile of their fifteen years, those with the maddening movement of their hips and their well turned legs, were able to stay up with the last his dazzled a night lovers bolivar. Thus passed the hours between the labyrinth of half abandoned schoolwork and everyday and inescapable appointment with almond trees. One day we looked towards a place and another day towards each other. A morning of the day of the dead, in that there were no classes, or we went to the cemetery because we didn’t have anybody living on the other side, we climb from when the first light of the sun began to light up the morning. And focus our eyes toward the airport, where already waiting the arrival of the first flight, travellers charged with their suitcases crammed of foreign goods, their empty pockets, their anguished faces and Yes his face emaciated by the ravages of a night refused to sleep. By the time the airport lived their times of splendor to the rhythm of the bonanza of multimillion-dollar sales and the absurd business through them in a single day could triple and up to five times the invested capital.


Fixtures online store … How to choose a lamp in the online store? because we all know it’s hard to choose a lamp, chandelier, wall lamp, floor lamp or on the photo. Of course photos can not fully convey colors and lighting effects. Of course there are classic versions of lights where you have to look at the picture, to know the size and hardly seen is very different from the original. But what about the more modern models. where it creates a play of color and design refinements.

Adorned with LEDs, they look very modestly to photo, and quite another to live. But in the online store fixtures all much cheaper than in any network and on the market a lot … Why? It’s not just the absence of sekret.Kak exhibition halls, numerous staff and allows online stores offer their goods at a price much lower. What to do? You can certainly see lamp in a store and buy it internete.Dlya this article should be written and then search through the Internet to find your favorite model. but what if there is no lamp in the store that you like so you online! And this is more than possible. How many chandeliers, floor lamps and sconces you see in the biggest hypermarket network? A hundred? Two hundred ..? (This is unlikely) well, even three hundred! (A maximum). In the online store fixtures Global illumination for more than three thousand lights and range is constantly growing and obnovlyaetsya.Zaydite to the site and see … So how can that be?.

Exit est.Prezhde only need to call the online store and see if there is a chance to see the goods live. if not, you should ask the store manager to send better foto.Obychno site are small pictures that have been compressed for faster loading pages, but the store has better quality and catalog photos. as many buyers are afraid that buying a product online store, they will not get warranty on the lamp. This zabluzhdenie.K each chandelier or sconce purchased online store receipt be attached with the seal of the company. This is the same guarantee that we get in stores. Moreover, about finding a factory to you without marriage examinations will change the lamp. (As opposed to supermarketa.gde it will take a lot of time.) Published in the online shop to buy not only and more convenient than in stores. And of course the choice is not only and manufacturers makes your choice of online store Global illumination more fun and interesting.


The autumn wind never was so welcome, needed deforas and wisdom to decide what to make now. It had little time to decide, it counted the family ousimplesmente would leave for world thus carrying through one its loucosdevaneios ones, those that costumava to have when it was sad or it had fought comalgum or it was gotten depressed. It prepared a luggage quickly while it thought: – For quemala, if I go to leave and to venture themselves for the world? It left the luggage on of the bed eolhando for remembered finishes possibility that had of living a passion, aquelehomem that it knew in the interminable line of the bank, in one morning where &#039 seemed quetodos; ' sistemas' ' of the world they were conspiring in favor of that meeting. While employee they organized lines and they gave explicaes respect of the fall of the system, people complaining and had until crianaschorando, the look of the two if it found, in a wave of feelings without explicaoracional. For it was as if somebody had reencontrado that has very novia, somebody next thing and wanted and of some way felt that for it was amesma thing, or at least he wanted that he was.

Fortunately, perhaps, the types of accounts that went to pay eramiguais and had finished in the same line, one in the front it another one. As they knew that it would tudoseria slow, they had relaxed and there it was easy to initiate a colloquy, to pass tempoe who knows to discover more on that sensation that dominated Fil since queseus looks if they had crossed. It seemed that tempotinha motionless, had talked above all and they had not been surprised at the fact of we will have taste similar in many things. When it arrived house it did not believe that they had changed telephone eficaram to combine a meeting, for a coffee, exactly believing that it would jamaisligaria.


Every year I get to your mailbox and in ICQ such questions: 'You have said that the lottery is held every year around October or November. I went to the website Green Card, and it says that applications are accepted year round and can even arrange application for several years. Where is it? " 'I got a call from the office of Green Card and asked to list the registration fee for participation in the lottery. This is actually the official center of Green Card? ' 'I got a letter in the e-mail, where I have been told that I had won a Green Card! Want to, I have listed them more money. How do I check whether I won the lottery? " So, start with a basic: 1. There are no official representatives of the centers or the lottery! Currently the only official site of the U.S.

government's registration statements Lottery Green Card is 2. Registration statements in the lottery for FREE! 3. Lottery is not associated with participants by phone or e-mail! Remember these three points, you can avoid many problems and financial losses are not tempted to send the information it is unclear who at some site … Now a little about what kind of organization on which site you encouraged to register for the lottery – scammers or not? Some of them – con artists, and some – not, as in any business … Demand creates supply. Many people want to participate in the lottery and receive permanent residency status in the U.S..

Naturally, this demand leads to companies that offer to do it for you. And from that moment the division offering the 'decent' and not 'clever' and honest, etc. You can select multiple the basic principles of this service – registration of the application in the lottery. In accordance with these principles, you yourself have to define who an honest and who is not very much.