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The autumn wind never was so welcome, needed deforas and wisdom to decide what to make now. It had little time to decide, it counted the family ousimplesmente would leave for world thus carrying through one its loucosdevaneios ones, those that costumava to have when it was sad or it had fought comalgum or it was gotten depressed. It prepared a luggage quickly while it thought: – For quemala, if I go to leave and to venture themselves for the world? It left the luggage on of the bed eolhando for remembered finishes possibility that had of living a passion, aquelehomem that it knew in the interminable line of the bank, in one morning where &#039 seemed quetodos; ' sistemas' ' of the world they were conspiring in favor of that meeting. While employee they organized lines and they gave explicaes respect of the fall of the system, people complaining and had until crianaschorando, the look of the two if it found, in a wave of feelings without explicaoracional. For it was as if somebody had reencontrado that has very novia, somebody next thing and wanted and of some way felt that for it was amesma thing, or at least he wanted that he was.

Fortunately, perhaps, the types of accounts that went to pay eramiguais and had finished in the same line, one in the front it another one. As they knew that it would tudoseria slow, they had relaxed and there it was easy to initiate a colloquy, to pass tempoe who knows to discover more on that sensation that dominated Fil since queseus looks if they had crossed. It seemed that tempotinha motionless, had talked above all and they had not been surprised at the fact of we will have taste similar in many things. When it arrived house it did not believe that they had changed telephone eficaram to combine a meeting, for a coffee, exactly believing that it would jamaisligaria.


Every year I get to your mailbox and in ICQ such questions: 'You have said that the lottery is held every year around October or November. I went to the website Green Card, and it says that applications are accepted year round and can even arrange application for several years. Where is it? " 'I got a call from the office of Green Card and asked to list the registration fee for participation in the lottery. This is actually the official center of Green Card? ' 'I got a letter in the e-mail, where I have been told that I had won a Green Card! Want to, I have listed them more money. How do I check whether I won the lottery? " So, start with a basic: 1. There are no official representatives of the centers or the lottery! Currently the only official site of the U.S.

government's registration statements Lottery Green Card is 2. Registration statements in the lottery for FREE! 3. Lottery is not associated with participants by phone or e-mail! Remember these three points, you can avoid many problems and financial losses are not tempted to send the information it is unclear who at some site … Now a little about what kind of organization on which site you encouraged to register for the lottery – scammers or not? Some of them – con artists, and some – not, as in any business … Demand creates supply. Many people want to participate in the lottery and receive permanent residency status in the U.S..

Naturally, this demand leads to companies that offer to do it for you. And from that moment the division offering the 'decent' and not 'clever' and honest, etc. You can select multiple the basic principles of this service – registration of the application in the lottery. In accordance with these principles, you yourself have to define who an honest and who is not very much.


O most people working in the company they do not perceive a humane treatment by his superiors, affecting his State of mind; This does not mean that it isn’t a proper treatment; However we live in a world where the individual truths are derived from personal perceptions, and you must work to change this appraisal. Or the economic impact amounted to about $2, 800,000.00 pesos annually. Several experts explained that a high turnover of staff implies for companies constantly search to fill those vacancies, which raises in payroll costs, so many choose to reinstall and relocate staff in other areas of the business for the same salary, to avoid a greater impact.5 By the rotation of the personnel costs can be divided into primary (recruitment and selection, registration and documentation, integration and training, process of low and high of collaborators) and secondary (productivity, attitude problems, overtime, lost customers, among others). In the first case they are easily measurable by be quantitative, but the latter are more difficult to quantify and many companies overlook them. The problem of rotation costs is that many are hidden, and at first sight it fails to note.

The high level of unemployment which exists in our days suggests the owners of enterprises or employers that if a person does not represent biggest problem find someone that replaces it, but they are not giving value to what already invested company. As already mentioned above, it is completely normal and to healthy companies have certain levels of staff turnover which permit the entry of new people with new ideas, but these levels must be controlled, due to the costs and disadvantages that entail. This entity was suffering from a turnover rate of staff outside normal proportions that caused unnecessary expenditures and strong organizational problems. This scenario has a myriad of repercussions: causes a significant sector of the staff you want to look for a new job and another as affects their working efficiency by stimulating them to influence delays, absences, permissions, under performance, conflicts, among others; bringing to the company to make the decision to terminate the employment relationship.


Decided not to? Then, purchase the gift card. You can buy it directly in some boutiques with clothes and accessories. But check conditions often by paying a purchase card, discounts do not apply. But it may disturb a hunter for bonuses and interest. Moving on? Perhaps my sister is fond of computers and spends much time around them? In any case, if you decide to make a gift of this area, let it be feminine.

A bright flash drive, original headset, an unusual set of keyboard + mouse – everything must say that the owner of this – a girl. You can find an interesting thing to hold the discs. For example, in the form of a die or aluminum cans. At last, by the way, you can put the image with the symbol of your favorite operating system or a hero of the game, which my sister likes to pass time after time … Fantasy and imagination only! Flowers? Yes, I think every girl likes to get them a gift. "Bouquet – it's corny," – you will say. And why did you decide that the flowers – a bouquet? It is possible and in a pot! Unusual plant, preferably unpretentious – a very nice gift.

For example, the bamboo: it can be put in a vase with water and … forget it. He will grow without you. Water it needs to be changed only once every two weeks, and enjoy watching it grow, you can each day. Shopping, you'll find Many interesting plants, and one of which may be present. "But": Be careful with the cacti. There is a sign that while the cactus in the house, she did not marry. Although you can not believe this, right? 🙂 And, again, remember about the Packaging: jar or vase. They may, for example, repeat the form of plants. Beautiful? A good gift can be paint. Even if she does not draw, believe me: a set of acrylic paints will not remain indifferent. By its very texture, they very different from watercolor. They can create outstanding works expressing their emotions. These paints are not forced to think about how much they take in the brush. Let the paints and shows his mood at the paper! You do not have only in it: glass, ceramics, textiles, … And of what material you have walls? 🙂 Do not forget to buy a set of outlines: they help the paint does not spread if the sister wants to dilute them with water. To select a set of paint brush set (For acrylic paints are easier to use a brush with flat bristles) and a beautiful mosaic. And why does not itself draw something such colors, such as a mug? Get spiritual gift! After all, everyone knows that make a gift to yourself – much more difficult. My sister will appreciate it. That's just remember that the need for printing a lot of time. If you want to use the circuit for the ceramic work, until it dries, it may take 24 hours, and then will apply the basic dye. And so it is dry and will need another 24 hours. Only after this cup can be washed under the tap. "48 hours a lot" – you will say. Well, this time can be reduced, if not diluted paint with water, they can be applied immediately after the loop. Let your gift will really be your sister a gift. Gift, in which you put your mind to families and friends of the man!


This, along with built-in search engine allows you to quickly and easily find and order the required spare parts. Slightly different things with the catalogs of industrial tractors, where there is an attempt to define their rights and monopolizovat market by some "B-off". This leads to unreasonably raise prices, even the instructions for operation T-170 they are offering a 75. is, the repair – for 115 at. is, not to mention the catalogs. Electronic catalogs of parts and assembly units of marine engines from the developer, for example, the model is 18/22 at 80. e. Electronic Catalogs Parts of locomotives (manufacture LPG) Diesel: – any single location – at 35.

is (without VAT) – all diesels – 580 in. ie – all locomotives – 300 in. ie – all the directories – 770 in. e. Thus, the cost of one electronic catalog, recorded on CD-ROM is composed: 1. The cost of a model program for creating electronic catalogs at 150. e. Ability to develop a program to create the original membrane catalog, but the cost will be comparable or higher.

2. Creating a database: image scanning or photography, computer processing of the images, development of design concepts of the catalog; HTML layout templates directory, the directory structure organization; programming sections and catalog content, creating user interfaces and software startup directory. Price depends on the volume of primary materials and databases – is in the range of $ 300 … $ 900 and above. 3. Introduction methods and means of protection against unauthorized copying of a CD-ROM: – StarForce – kriptovki cost – $ 400, plus Royalty – cost per copy protected software – up to 1,000 copies of 0.20 USD, over 1,000 copies at 0.15 . e. – CD StarForceCD-R – 2.0 ye; – disc CD-RX – $ 4 – authoring – comparable to CD-RX. 4. Record one copy on CD: – Plural, its design (drawing graffiti and drawings) package – $ 4. 5. Payment of development, overhead, depreciation and other expenses. CONCLUSION: According to our calculations, cost reasonable cost is an electronic catalog of parts and components (parts) of its own design for one model of mobile machines from 30 to 80 USD, depending on its volume, and for a collection of catalogs – from 100 to 200 cu in Depending on the number of the included models and the amount of information. During this price range includes most of the electronic catalogs, developed manufacturing plants or their dealers. For the purchase of these directories track and navigate, considering the optimum balance of quality and price. _________________ Store locations:


Computers have evolved and continue to evolve as time passes. Over the same number of programs have increased because the needs of consumers have done the same way. This is because technology has no brakes and before, for example, the photos were black and white, we are asking for photos and color for each color a different color scale itself. The computer must be able to read, understand and be able to transmit that image as many times as you want. To do so, to process information, using the programs.
The program is run which makes the data consumers according to instructions that are provided in advance. The computer or read or store information that we send you the same way as we see it physically. Ie information is retained inside the computer through two values of a physical quantity (called a bit) that we commonly write with ones and zeros. In the entry and exit information, the computer is automatic code changes necessary to make the information on the outside is covered directly by users and the interior is quickly executable. To understand that, when we send the image from our camera (or other periferico different) to the computer, this becomes ones and zeros (bit patterns) and thus the computer can store in it. Each image or piece of information has a combination of ones and zeros, and when we want to regain it (if the image) and click on it-masters that the computer reads in combination to assign its day and is able to reproduce. The instructions in the programs and the computer as a whole works with the binary system of ones and zeros ( binario). Now the problem that arises, then they can read the information, it’s like to realize or physical searches. The solutions are optical discs, magnetic tapes and other devices of this type but it is not the topic of discussion.
The representation of information in the computer has been one of the most important problems in computer science. This information today is divided into five fields, but it is possible that this number will increase soon as such are not represented today, sounds and yes. Therefore, the representation can be text, sounds, images, numerical values and instructions. We will focus on the representation of images but they all have as we said earlier, the basic principle of ‘becoming’ in ones and zeros.
If only we devote to the representation of images does not mean that others are less important or less are used. Mention that we will analyze the representation of static images and dynamic images that many images are linked together and, using a data compression process to which we will make a brief mention at the end.


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Here was once the hunting ground of the Nibelungen and several attractions from that time attract the tourists even today. Hiking trails lead to the sights through the dreamlike nature of the place exudes a certain charm. Z. t. Lindenfels still by a city wall framed. The landmark is the great eponymous castle ruins, which is also the oldest in the area.

In the 12th century, the Hohenstaufen family lived here. For centuries no one cared more the Castle, until it was restored in the 19th century. Today it is one of the popular destinations in the Odenwald and from it you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the nature. Academy of Art University may not feel the same. Lindenfels and the remaining holiday region is also appreciated the scooter riders individually or in associations through the countryside rolling. The road network is curvy and so interesting that makes the route for cyclists. The range of accommodation is varied. When the scooter clubs apartments are highly popular. No one bothers it here, When they approached roll in groups and spend their leisure time in a large holiday boarding house.

On the contrary, are special apartments and FEHAs, decorated for the visit of scooter riders. Who rents a holiday dwelling in Lindenfels, have to spend much money, because otherwise than in a hotel, a holiday dwelling is not calculated according to people. There is only a flat-rate rent. This is also the scooter clubs to good. You can then use the money saved for other things in the resort. Because in Lindenfels and the immediate vicinity vacationers find time for sports activities. Although there are also other places in Lindenfels, a Holiday Inn guests is a valued target. They are cosy, comfortable and of course a television should not be missed. Everyone feels comfortable here in the peace and seclusion, because finally the holidays to relax are there. Too long you should not wait but with the booking. The apartments in the Odenwald are highly liked and have quickly Tenant found. Kudret Navid