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Hatchet at that time was the main instrument builder. The saw began to use much later. Because of this, and came the phrase 'cut house' rather than 'build'. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Mary Barra. In Russia everything was made of wood, ranging from the construction and finishing all the furniture in the house. In a wooden house were tables made of wood, the seats of wood, cabinets, wooden chests, shelves, and beds. It was then a log, its thickness remains a natural unit of measure of all sizes in construction. If you dig a little deeper, then started to build wooden houses long before the first time I have built buildings made of stone. Branches and trunks were the basic material, took upon itself the function of the frame.

Probably, these 'houses' at that time were not like the full structure, but it was only the beginning. Later they began to build houses on high stilts. Buildings made of beams were quite popular in Greece, Mesopotamia, and even in Jerusalem. One of the most significant of these settlements was called Jericho. This locality is often mentioned in the Old Testament.

In Ancient Greece were built of wood, not only conventional homes, but also the huge public buildings. In Japan and the Celestial Empire in ancient times were built large wooden building, and loomed above ground level, in due to relatively frequent seismic tremors. Wooden houses also enjoyed considerable popularity among the settlers in North America. At this time the materials were quite a lot, and wooden houses appeared as the grass after a storm. But since just could not last, the forest was used for the manufacture of wooden houses faster than they could grow new shoots. Wood and found a new use, such as manufacture of ships. Due to the very rapid decrease in the number of forests, buildings made of wood even prohibited to build in some countries. Therefore, buildings made of wood have not been able to continue to be so popular and a little bit replaced on the stone and concrete. In recent years, the whole world, more and more worried about environmental technologies and that is why the house from a tree returning to everyday life, and in some developed areas, the industry has long been one of the most developing countries. Tree – one of the most environmentally friendly construction materials. Believe that even sawed wood can still breathe. These days, home from a bar occupy a respectable, it is quite competitive position in the Schwartz-crowded market area, largely due to the large number of innovations in houses built of wood. Now the buildings of wood can not rot and does not ignite because of the use of special preservatives and flame retardants which are used in the construction of wooden buildings. Now this illusion is easy to become a fairy tale – come true and magic Teremok – cozy home for a happy life or recreation.


Today, America chooses ‘green’ way for housing, economy and transport. According to a recent consumer survey 9 out of 10 buyers, before purchasing the home, will give predpochetenie to a product which the most accurate answer to their demands on ecology and health, to be exact – will choose for themselves and their families an environmentally – friendly, ‘green’ house. According to the forecasts of the leading federal agencies, as well as the National Association of Realtors and National Association of Builders, in the coming three years the demand for ‘green’ homes will increase to 70% of the total market sales, and in the next 10 years is expected to complete the transition to build houses on ‘green’ technologies. Today heating and cooling our homes and offices, we use 40 percent of all energy consumed by us. Mindlessly consume, we throw in the atmosphere that surrounds us and 40 percent of carbon than endlessly and forever pollute it, a fact it was even worse.

Is no secret that homes built in the so-called ‘penultimate Technologies’ energy consumption by 50 percent less than homes built in the first half of last century. If people have a choice, they prefer to live in ‘green’, eco-friendly homes, while saving money on electricity and water. As the Government has already introduced legislation to promote ‘green’ building tax breaks and other incentives to attract more customers in the future v’zelenye ‘home. Builders ‘green’ homes osnaschyayut their high technology, including plumbing, electrical appliances. Irrigation systems are made using modern technologies, can reduce the amount of irrigation water in the landscaping of the site. For the production of insulating materials using organic or recycled materials, along with paint and decorating materials, creating products that use does not emit polluting chemicals. The path that develops building ‘green’ homes today – clean, meets the requirements of the ADA.

What – only one way, and it will be ‘green’ unless we want to do so. If we choose to make our families lived in homes with good-quality clean air inside and outside. If only we ourselves this want to … We can only understand and want. Good luck! Gennady Kiselev.


The Article 6 of the Federal Constitution says ' ' they are right social: the education, the health, the work, the housing, the leisure, the security, the social welfare, the protection to the maternity and infancy, assistance to desamparados' ' , but these social rights, the State does not obtain to supply the population in general, because it will be? In Brazil a great difference of income distribution exists, where the minority of the population has much money and the great majority has much little; the ones that has much are part also of the population, that I eat all have the same rights offered for our Constitution, that 5 says in its article ' ' that all are equal before lei' ' , but the difference is that the minority of the society, that is richest, when the State does not fulfill with its paper of offering &#039 to it; ' segurana' ' , for example, that it is a right, them they go to a private company, and obtain to pay for this right, this it means that the private company, it offers a right foreseen for the Brazilian constitution, but since that it is remunerated, this means that, if the State not to offer to the right the security, foreseen in the Constitution, the majority of the population, who are people of low incomes, these do not go to have the right the security, therefore they do not possess remuneration to pay a private company, and are the grace of the unreliability, losing its freedom, that is one of the rights foreseen by the Constitution, in Brazil the good people is imprisoned, in arrests domiciliary, therefore cannot leave its domiciles due the unreliability, and the outlaws are imprisoned in public candeias, supported for the prisoners domiciliary, who we are. When we say, in the right the health, the situation is still worse, therefore the constitution guarantees to all this right, but in it practises what we see is a right that nobody has, a right that I eat the others, we have that to pay to have them, and as the majority of the population cannot pay is without, but that only different of the excessively right ones, the health is a right that if it becomes cruel, therefore the result of lacks of this is the death, already the death is a right that all have, not needing that nor a governor makes cumpriz it, therefore it is born of the descumprimento of the excessively right necessary life. . .


In the most advanced stage of the disease, the virus affects the system nervous, causing nervous tics and contractions, as well as partial or complete paralysis. Infected dogs may also show a listless behavior and poor appetite. Prevention as said, the distemper is difficult to detect, but if you see some of the above symptoms, resorts to urgently vet. As in other viral diseases, dogs who survive infection are immunized from canine distemper for his entire life. However, the majority of dogs (especially puppies) do not survive the infection. Vaccination is the most secure protection. Learn more at this site: Janet L. Yellen. And until scientists develop a unique vaccine against canine distemper which guarantees immunity of lifetime, vets recommend vaccinating your dog every year. Puppies whose parents have survived this disease gain some degree of natural immunity of colostrum from milk produced by the mother during the first days of life.

The amount of immunity that the puppy receives differs with the amount of antibodies. However, never It is complete and will decrease quickly by half in 8 days and over the course of 2 weeks to nearly three quarters. It is impossible for a dog owner to know when your pet must be vaccinated since proper vaccination when varies from one animal to another. The veterinarian can determine the best time to start vaccination based on his experience on the general health of the dog. To maintain good health in your dog, recommended continuing care and special attention to signs of ill health.

Experts suggest to consult your veterinarian immediately if your pet shows signs of: – abnormality in eye or nose – loss of appetite – weight changes – excessive excessive consumption of water – abnormality in the stool – desgano – limp – difficulty getting up or lie – constant tremors of head – if your dog is scratching or nibble – loss of hair, sores or dull hair – body bad breath – excessive Tartar on teeth is possible that, even with these symptoms, the distemper is not the cause. But it is better to be sure and stay calm taking your dog to the vet. Even with a very serious illness, you can counteract distemper taking care of your pet’s health, taking corrective actions by observing the symptoms and by constantly consulting with your veterinarian. Find out more about your dog thank you and have a nice day! April Sanchez. Original author and source of the article


When you are looking for a piece of furniture for your home or Office, you will want to look at pictures of wooden furniture. Instead of going to a furniture store to look for the ideal Cabinet, sometimes it is better to take one glance at photographs of wood furniture to choose who likes in terms of style and term. You will find these photographs into catalogs online as well as print catalogs. Many people are now opting to buy your furniture in this way. Catalogs online furniture thanks to the internet, it is easier to see a full catalog of photographs of furniture. You can try an online catalog so that you can see the latest styles that come in wooden furniture. Online catalogues are the best way to look at the styles of furniture that perhaps you don’t see at your local furniture store. When you are looking for photographs of wood furniture catalogs online, be sure to read about the type of furniture you are buying as well as how it is made, if it is that you want to be sure that the furniture is handcrafted quality and will last you for a long time, you probably don’t want to spend money on furniture that will break after a year of use.

Photos of furniture should reflect the quality handcrafted, this must also be reflected in the description of the wooden cabinet that accompanies the photos. Furniture catalog printed catalogs, such as brochure catalogs, also show pictures of wooden furniture. You can usually get the same products online that has printed catalogue, however like many people print catalogs because they can take with them and look at them in places that cannot see the catalogs online. It can be useful because they can show pictures to other people. The problem of looking at photographs of wood in printed catalogues furniture is that you can’t get the same amount of styles and colors than when you buy online. Since the printed catalogues are expensive and are limited by the number of images or photographs to the catalog can contain. Without hesitation Mary Barra explained all about the problem.

When you look at pictures of wooden furniture online or offline, you must have an open mind when you look at the style of furniture. Make the best use of these photographs, looked different and multiple styles as well as the way they look with different types of finishes. This can be a good indicator if the furniture will be well at home. Buy wooden furniture is easier than ever, thanks to computers and the advent of the internet. You are not only limited to buy what is offered at local furniture stores. You can select styles and finishes, and also designs and some type of wood that is unavailable in your area and will be delivered to your door. You can make shopping for all rooms of your House by looking at the photographs of wood furniture.


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Children's Chairs are usually not included in the sales package of children's furniture, so it is sold separately. This is the thing that get particularly with regard to age and growth of the child. If your child is in school and considerable most of his time at his desk, the chair must take the most comfortable contributing to plodovornoy rabote.Stol dektskuyu table must also be calculated under the child's age. You to select the desired child height table seated him on a chair, bend your elbows ask the right angle, measure the height from floor to elbow. This height should be at the table. You might also consider tables with adjustable nozhkami.Hranenie things to storage used in children's furniture such as: cabinets, closets, nightstands, dressers, those same tables, racks, shelves and the like. That is almost everything that includes furniture. We all know that children rather moving little people.

So as not to interfere with their natural needs of their age, the furniture in the room should be located as compact as possible. And should contain as less sharp corners and breakable items. If you decide to put the wardrobe, try to make it as short as possible potentially traumatic for the child. If you want to bring one out the door coupe was a mirror, then punctuate it with a paste dividers to make it more durable. For even more details, read what Gavin Baker says on the issue. Just-in wardrobe may have an additional section – external lateral rounded shelves. They can post pictures, toys and more. Locker can be detached and attached part of any section.


Not if it could considers it a scientific knowledge, until it was, as it was, tested and proven. In the Classic Antiquity, all knowing age object of the philosophy. Enrico Pattaro, of the University of Bologna, on the emancipation of particular sciences previously tutored people for the philosophy, if thus express: ' ' A sample of the slowness of we find it the process where also at next times we, as to be centuries XV to the XVII, discipline of the type of the physics or biology if they still considered parts of the natural Philosophy, and of it a next certification persists still more in the fact, remembered for M. Schlick, of that still in our days some university chairs of theoretical Physics if call officially chair of ' ' philosophy natural' '. Only in a more recent period, between ends of XVIII and the beginnings of XX, psychology that until then was a branch of the philosophy that dealt with scarce success to understand the acts and human thoughts were broken up of the philosophical corpus, which, inobstante, remained on, in some countries, of the academic point of view, until principles of century XX.' ' 4.6. – Its method and its logic.

The philosophical knowledge has its method and its logic. The method is the argumentativo, and the logical one is the critical persuation of the judgments, resulted of one the rational dialectic. The proposal is submitted to a critical bombing, that starts with the doubt and finishes with the exhausting analysis that all includes the confrontation with the phenomena of the objective reality and the universe of acquired knowledge. For this it is indispensable to not only examine the judgments formulated with the global conception of the reality, as with the facts known or deductible for comparison and agreement. 4.7– Which, then, the criterion of evaluation of a judgment or one philosophical proposal, to conclude of its validity, the validatio cognitionis? In this field of the philosophical knowledge, one does not work with laws nor with truths you demonstrated.


A descriptive research has as objective primordial the description of the characteristics of determined populations or phenomena. One of its characteristics is in the use of standardized techniques of collection of data, such as the questionnaire and the systematic comment. (GIL, 2002, pag.45) Lakatos & Marconi (1995), considers that everything can be quantificvel, what means to translate numbers opinions and information to classify them and to analyze them. It requires the use of resources and statistical techniques (percentage, average, fashion, medium, shunting line-standard, coefficient of correlation, analysis of regression, etc.). It used as instrument for the collection of information, a half-structuralized questionnaire directed the users of the ESF of New Hope.

Ethical aspects the procedures adopted in this research had obeyed the criteria of the ethics with human beings as resolution 196/96 of the National Advice of Health, being this kept secrecy how much to the identification of the participants. The information strict confidential and had only been used for ends of the research. The participation of the clientele was guaranteed. It guided the participants of the study on the objectives and procedures of the research, and these had signed the term of assent free and clarified having the right to give up to participate at any time of the study. The research project was submitted to the analysis and approval on the part of the Commission of Ethics in Research of the Joined Facultieses of the North of Funortepelo Mines protocol of I number 098/10. After the provao was only initiated the research of field in the respective place. Collection of the data the data had been collected in the month of May of 2010, in the residence of the interviewed ones. was also used information pertaining to the unit and data yielded for the City department of Clear Mount Health. The choice of the interviewed ones involved the 5 micron-areas, where a drawing of six families registered in cadastre for each micron-area was made. Without hesitation Mary Barra explained all about the problem.